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It’s a messed up place so it would be better to just avoid!

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Published: 15 July 2019

Posted by: Freda

I had hired Dr. Mona Chacko  in the hope that she would be a reliable doctor. But I found out that she is an arrogant and irritating professional who is surely not worth your money or time. The staff at her clinic is arrogant and rude as well. They are greedy people who don’t care about the patient. They don’t manage the appointments properly as well. Whenever I visited the place, I had to wait for 45 minutes to an hour. The staff had canceled 2 of my appointments last minute and after that, I was wondering why I was even paying her to be my doctor. She doesn’t do anything special. She keeps making you take numerous tests so that she can increase her bills and exhaust your pockets. I realized the truth way later. So that’s why I wouldn’t recommend Dr. Chako’s services to anyone. Instead, I would suggest you go someplace else. There are many family doctors present in the city; you don’t necessarily have to hire her. I am pretty sure that you would hate your experience with her.

I had multiple irritating experiences with this place. The first bad experience I had was when I first visited the place, after setting my appointment. Those people made me wait for 40 minutes after the time of the appointment. The staff wasn’t even listening to me. When I finally got to meet Dr. Chako, she wrote me a bunch of tests and told me to take them and meet her after them. I realized how messed up this place was when I went to the reception to ask about these tests. First, the receptionist wouldn’t even listen to me and when she did, she told me that she was on her ‘break’ so I should let her be. I got the tests done but things took a turn for the worse when I visited the place again. I had to show the reports of the tests to Dr. Chako because she was the doctor after all. I had set an appointment a week ago and the day I visited the place, they told me that my appointment had been shifted to 3 days later because of some rescheduling. I was mad. They changed my appointment’s time at the last minute and didn’t even bother to notify me before. I had asked them about my appointment and that’s when I found this out. If I hadn’t asked about my appointment, God knows whether they would’ve bothered to tell me or not. It’s really irritating to see people who don’t care about others being in the medical industry. When I finally got to meet Dr. Mona Chacko , she took a look at the reports and told me that I was fine and that I should come and meet her next week. When I had told her about her staff, she started defending them and told me that she can’t control how people respond to other people.

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