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Unprofessional and doesn’t care an iota about his patients.

Dr. Nathan E. Nachlas scammed my dear friend! This guy is the limits! I was shocked to hear my friend narrate a story of sheer unethical practices and misconduct. Dr. Nathan E. Nachlas is really unprofessional and doesn’t care an iota about his patients. He scammed my friend, taking the payment without giving services as agreed upon. My friend tried contacting this doctor but to no avail. A refund was claimed but the doctor simply ignored the claim and blocked my friend’s phone number. Please be careful while dealing with this guy. He can be downright ignorant whenever you raise a red flag and pleasant when you’re offering money.

Another victim has also written how this guy just screwed with the rhinoplasty surgery that he was supposed to do, ruining the victim’s face completely. Also, the person has highlighted how the staff at the facility were really rude from the very beginning. All of this goes to show how little Dr. Nathan Nachlas really cares for his patients. If I were you, I would run far away.


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  1. anonymous January 25, 2019

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