Dr. Nathan Saydyk

He is careless, pathetic and stupid.

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Published: 25 May 2019

Posted by: Guido

Dr. Nathan Saydyk is just an arrogant fool. He shouldn’t be running a dental clinic. His license should be revoked for the kind of inferior treatment he gives to his patients. His wrong diagnosis might cost me my life. I had visited his place for an oral cancer screening where he gave me the wrong diagnosis. My entire life is in turmoil because of the carelessness of this moron. I used to visit another dentist who suspected that I might have oral cancer. He suggested me to go Dr. Nathan’s clinic because he had heard a lot of praise about its oral cancer screening. He told me that I’ll get an accurate diagnosis there. Oral cancer is a major thing. I had my suspicions because I was facing a few of its symptoms for quite a few weeks. I had developed a blister in my mouth. The blister wasn’t going anywhere and it was always in pain. Nevertheless, I visited Nathan’s clinic, which is called Stone Ridge Dental. I got my oral cancer screening done. And I was certain that I’ll get a clear result and an accurate diagnosis. I was obviously mistaken. My life would have been much better if I hadn’t visited this clinic in the first place. They told me that I didn’t have oral cancer and everything was okay. I can’t tell you how happy I was at the time. Unfortunately, they had given me the wrong diagnosis. I really had cancer and the issue persisted for a long time. The symptoms grew and along with so did my pain. I can’t explain how difficult eating and chewing had become for me. After a few months, I went to another place where the doctor diagnosed me with oral cancer. He took a look at my previous reports from Dr. Nathan’s clinic and was surprised to see that they made such a huge blunder. It’s clear that these people are horribly careless and unprofessional. They don’t care about the patients in any sense. All they care about is money and the ways they can extract more money from the patients. Dr. Nathan is a heartless man. He is irresponsible and idiotic. If he had made the right diagnosis at that time, I wouldn’t have to go through such an expensive treatment. My disease hadn’t grown much at that time and if I had gotten a treatment then, I wouldn’t have had to spend so much money now. Cancer treatments become costlier with time. If you don’t get them treated early on, it becomes too expensive to get them treated later. If he hadn’t made that wrong diagnosis at that time, I might have gotten it treated easily. Now, I’m doubtful if I’ll be able to afford this treatment or not. He does a lot of claims on his website. But I’m telling you, in the hands of such a careless dentist, no one is safe. You don’t know what kind of treatment you might get in Nathan’s clinic.

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