Dr. Nima Massoomi

I faced a lot of pain and agony because of Dr. Nima.

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Published: 01 June 2019

Posted by: Curtis

He is a crook. He doesn’t know what he is doing. He is a careless dentist. He ruined my dental health and made me go through weeks of torturous pain. I developed a sinus infection and got swelling in that area too. I can’t tell you how horrible my experience was. When I got to his clinic to get the complications of my dental implant treated, he just referred me to another dentist. He is a stupid scumbag. After he referred me to another dentist, I didn’t get any calls from him. It was obvious that I was facing so much difficulty and so many complications because of this guy’s negligence. But he didn’t care. He is a wimp. He didn’t even give me a refund for the terrible job he did with my dental implant. I have a missing tooth in my upper jaw for years. Recently, I thought of getting this issue treated and improve my smile, so I visited this fool’s clinic in the hope that he’ll treat my issue. I had found his services online. He seemed like a legitimate professional with all those degrees and accolades. Plus, he seemed to have a good online reputation which made him seem like the perfect person to talk to. I went to his clinic and he suggested me to get a dental implant installed at that place. I didn’t have any problem with that procedure. I agreed with Dr. Nima and he installed the dental implant. I had felt a strong stinging pain like the implant disturbed something in my mouth but he said it’s probably ‘cause I’m not used to these procedures. I told him that I was feeling a strong ache in my upper jaw but he said it was normal. I felt that pain for a long time. the pain didn’t go. In fact, after that implant, some swelling appeared on my upper jaw and my life became hell. I wasn’t able to eat anything, chew anything and even drink anything. It hurt me all the time. I was swallowing pain killers like an addict and I thought it’d help me get rid of the agony. But the painkillers didn’t help. Eventually, my family took me to another dentist who asked me if I had received a sinus lift before the implant or not. I didn’t know what he was talking about. When he told me everything about sinus lifts, I realized that Dr. Nima hadn’t even mentioned any inspection of my sinus. Turns out, he had disturbed my sinus by sticking the implant in there. That had caused the swelling and infection. It was a really painful experience for me and I’m just glad that I’m getting its treatment now. I contacted Dr. Nima later on but he didn’t say anything. He just refused any accusation and said that mine must have been a rare case. Anyways, I’m not visiting that crook’s clinic in the future.

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