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Published: 13 December 2018

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I paid $998, for the a single area of liposuction, but had to wait for more than a month for surgery. I was hoping to get it done sooner, but it was July, 2013…in Florida…and lots of women needed to look better in their summer clothes I suppose, because when I was in his office, I actually saw a two page list of patients who were waiting to have surgery done. During that time, my Father’s doctor told him that he needed to have an emergency visit for Colon Cancer. My whole family was worried and upset, and they were preparing for the worst because of our family health history. On top of having to cope with the family, my Father’s Emergency visit was just so happened to be the exact same morning I was scheduled for surgery with Dr. Noel Tenenbaum. It was 3-4 working days before my surgery, and I was all ready for surgery. I had purchased a robe, matching pajamas, slippers and a body shaper for the post-op period. I felt horrible about having to reschedule the appointment, but I had no choice, but to re-schedule. There was no way I could have gone in for surgery that day, so I apologetically called asap, to give as much notice as I possibly could under the circumstance I called on Thursday and my appointment was the following Tuesday. Truly, I did not want to disrupt his business and was as mindful to him as I could have been and I was sure that there was at least one person on that two page list who wanted a liposuction surgery sooner rather than later. When I spoke to the front desk manager, and she was understanding. But, he had her call back and tell me, in a very uncomfortable tone, that he would refund only half my money if I did not show up for surgery the day that was originally scheduled unless he deemed my reason for not being about to make it a worthy enough concern! He wanted me to explain to him, in detail why I had to reschedule! I was taken aback by his request, (it’s not like I demanded my money back at the last minute.) I was super stressed out with my family because we were all worried about what could happen to my Father, especially my mother. She was preparing for the worst. Really, I did not want or need to put my family’s concerns under a microscope for Dr. Tenenbaum to judge and then decide whether or not to have a heart or some sort of emotional consideration for my family’s concerns or values. I was nothing but apologetic and asked him to respect my privacy in a fax I sent him the following day; and by doing so he forced me to relinquish half the cost of the procedure, because he refused to reschedule the surgery. Then, he and his staff lied to me, telling me that my file (which I never bought up or asked for) and partial refund would be sent “promptly.” The file never came (despite the fact I actually called back to check where it was, and was told it would be sent out that week…) and of course, the check did not arrive in any kind of “prompt” manner.

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