Dr Normand Bach

Stealing money from people through by overcharging!

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Published: 24 May 2019

Posted by: Venita

He overcharges his customers through hidden fees and claiming that the patient didn’t pay him on time. Because he is an orthodontist he knows that his patients won’t go anywhere else and will be coming back. He is just a cheat and a bastard. He stole around $600 from me! I don’t hesitate in saying that Dr. Bach is a desolate and a greedy scumbag who is constantly lying to his patients for a few hundred bucks. He could have simply run a dental clinic and made a decent living. But he tends to steal money from people. He thinks he can get away with such criminal behavior. He is clearly mistaken. I’m not the only patient he has cheated. I know at least 2 other people who ended paying him extra because of his hidden fees and overcharges. His staff is a part of this fraud too. When I used to visit his clinic, I used to get notified by his staff that I forgot to pay an invoice. So whenever I visited the place again, I was greeted with a made up invoice from my last visit. How do I know that I always paid them in full? Because I always did! Those people used to tell me that I forgot to pay for a check-up or something else. They also used to say that their billing staff made a blunder and forgot to add this sum to my invoice. What the hell?? The charges used to be of $50 or $70. The amount was always random. I used to visit the place because my daughter had braces. We had gotten her braces at this clinic. But if I had any idea that Dr. Bach is running a scam, I wouldn’t have visited this place in the first place. I kept visiting that place for a few months. When I shared this issue with a few other parents who were visiting the clinic, they told me that they were facing the same problem. One of them had paid this guy around $500 in just 3 months through these overcharges. I complained about these rubbish charges for some time but when these guys didn’t change anything, I stopped going there. I didn’t want to because I’ve read that one shouldn’t change orthodontists during treatment. But I had no option left. These people were constantly charging me $65 or $70 in different bills. I’m grateful that I didn’t pay using my credit card. I’ve heard how some clinics steal money from people through their credit cards and it wouldn’t surprise me if Dr. Bach’s clinic uses that method for filling its pockets too. This place is a big sham and it’d be better for you and your family if you stayed away from this place. These people will keep stealing money from you through different tactics and you’ll feel helpless because after all, you wouldn’t want to change your orthodontist. It’ll be helpful if you stayed away and alert others about this terrible place.

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