Dr. Oscar Menendez DDS

Don’t trust these people because they never take responsibility for their misdeeds. 

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Published: 20 August 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

You should ensure that you are getting these services from one of the best clinics in town, but we all know that the market is filled with scammers and negligent doctors. Your health is not their priority; such of these clinics is Oscar Menendez DDS, P.A & Saimon Ramos DMD, P.A.
You should always cater your customers with dignity and respect especially your regular customers as you don’t want to lose them. But that’s not the case here. I had a terrible experience at Oscar Menendez DDS, P.A & Saimon Ramos. I was a regular over here and never faced such disappoint but one day when I went there, the person who welcomed me acted really hostile towards me. She had messed up my appointment and when I complained about it, she called me a ‘Bitch’ and actually spat at me. Everyone faces bad days but that doesn’t mean you are allowed to behave this way.
I complained about this behavior with one of the dentists there but he didn’t listen to me. He just nodded and told me that I should come back another day. What the hell? What kind of professionalism is that? I never went back there.
I’m not the only person who has had a horrible experience with these guys. Other people have also faced issues.
Lack of training from doctors and skilled professional can be costly for their patients. They should make sure that they maintain a high level of standard to treat their patients but Oscar Menendez & Saimon Ramos haven’t been able to do so. The level of standards they had is awful; a customer reported that once he went there for a checkup, the doctor made him wait for half an hour in the dentist’s room for a random reason. When he finally did the procedure, he did it very carelessly. He had forgotten to use the anesthetic. The patient had to remind him of using the same. The dentist’s mind was somewhere else. He had to extract one tooth but after the patient left the office and came home he noticed that a piece of his front tooth was broken off during the procedure too. The patient was disappointed with the way he was treated and never wishes to come back again over there.
You should be equipped with the latest technology and have one of the best medical service providers to make your patient comfortable, because whenever the dental problem is the concern of people they always feel scared while visiting dental clinics. Oscar Menendez DDS, P.A & Saimon Ramos DMD, P.A. has not been able to provide a healthy environment to their patients so that they don’t have anxiety and they feel comfortable. Patients have reported that the practice followed at this clinic is horrible and the patient has to go through a lot of pain. Their doctors are not experienced and they lack in knowledge. Their delivery of information and treatment plan is awful. I hope this small article opened your eyes.

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