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Published: 31 May 2019

Posted by: Shawn

She has some serious mental issues and it’s in the best interest of everyone to avoid her clinic. She runs the eye care center called Dr. Palys and Associates. She took my money and refused to give me the products I had bought saying that I needed to learn a lesson for my sins. She kept delaying the delivery of my products for a few weeks and later told me that I needed to learn a lesson for being a sinning person. Do you know what my sin is? I drink. She had asked me if I drink during my eye exam. She also asked me why I drink liquor and I told her that I don’t like to discuss such stuff. It bugs me to be honest. I was irritated that she was even discussing that nonsense with me. But she just wanted to talk about that. She started giving me a long lecture on how alcohol is bad for my health and how it’s a sin. I just listened to her and that lecture didn’t bother me much. I’ve talked to a bunch of people who are extremists but Dr. Palys is a different case. She really is a lunatic. After my eye exam, she prescribed me glasses and I bought them from her clinic. She told me that they’ll reach me by the weekend.

Everything was going well up to that point. When I didn’t receive my glasses, I contacted her and enquired about them. She told me to wait for another week. Now, I had already paid for them so I was obviously worried. I was worried that Dr. Palys might be scamming me. But this was something else. After waiting for 3 weeks after the eye exam, I finally received my Dr. Palys. When I asked her what was the reason for the delay, she said it was me. Apparently, she was teaching me a lesson about instant gratification and how it hurts my life. I’m not a big fan of keeping a person’s possessions and teaching them a lesson just because you don’t like one of their habits. It was crazy. She told me that she had them with herself by the weekend but she was teaching me a lesson. She is an idiot. She is a lunatic who should be getting treated in some mental health services center. She is out of her mind and after my experience with her, I’m 100% sure that she is more harmful to society than she’s useful. She argues with her patients and tries to force everyone to follow her views and values. It’s like everyone else is wrong and only she is the right person. I have no problem with someone imposing their views on others but if a person would go to such an extent that they would actually stop their purchase just to prove a point, then it’s clear that the person is crazy.

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