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Dr. Pamela Ahearn Is Not a Doctor, She Is a Devil

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Published: 20 November 2018

Posted by: Susan

Doctors have often been compared with God by many people for saving the lives of many patients, but if there is any doctor that should be strictly avoided, then it has to be none other than Dr. Pamela E. Ahearn. If you happen to visit some of the websites describing her entire educational background, you’d be amazed to discover how much of a fraud she really is. I really don’t know how many people have been cheated by this fake doctor so far, but based on my friend’s experience, she is nothing but a devil. Looks can be deceiving, as discovered by my friend on a spring morning a few years ago.

In April , my friend visited Dr. Pamela Ahearn in Kingston, Oklahoma, as he was suffering from high blood pressure. Dr. Ahearn casually prescribed a number of medicines which were firstly very expensive for a middle-class guy like my friend, who could not afford to buy so many medicines. Secondly, she prescribed a medicine called Non-steroidal pain relievers (NSAID), which increased his blood pressure even more, instead of making it normal. This medicine had severe side effects on my friend’s body. Within a few days, he had to be hospitalized and the doctors of the hospital said that he had been prescribed the wrong medicines. His condition had become severe. He started vomiting and lost his consciousness after a while, before being hospitalized. My friend is still traumatized about the experience, even today. It has had a deep impact on his psychology. He still has to visit a psychologist every weekend to heal his mental wounds. This is really sad from my point of view. My friend could have easily lost his life had he not been treated just in time by the doctors of the hospital in which he was admitted. He has now pledged to never visit Pamela Ahearn again in his life. I believe it is a criminal offense to intentionally prescribe wrong medicines to a patient. Making money is fine, but when such money is earned by cheating other people with misleading and false information, then that money earning is simply disgusting and pathetic. It is unethical and should not be used by anybody for the sake of earning some cheap money.

According to one of the websites, Dr. Pamela Ahearn is currently 55 years of age. She had completed her graduation in 1995 from Oklahoma State University and has 23 years of experience. Dr. Ahearn’s visiting charge is higher than most other contemporary doctors having a similar number of years of experience in this field. She is like a hidden devil beneath a doctor’s dress. She shamelessly goes on prescribing wrong and inappropriate medicines to her poor and helpless patients who suffer from various health issues. Do not be fooled by her outwardly sober appearance, which is used to deceive innocent people. Her behavior is also very rude. She does not listen to anyone’s personal problems patiently and easily loses her temper when she is asked about the medicines. I think her rude behavior is one of the reasons why she is hated by my friend. When my friend’s condition worsened, we tried to contact her but Dr. Pamela Ahearn could not be contacted by phone as her phone was shockingly switched off. She did not even reply via WhatsApp when we tried to contact her from there. Later on, we heard that she had gone on a vacation, which showed how selfish and the irresponsible person she really was that’s hardly expected from any doctor!

Dr. Pamela Ahearn mercilessly takes advantage of the poor physical and financial conditions of her patients to exploit them even further. Such frauds like Pamela Ahearn, who ruthlessly destroy other’s money, need to be punished severely. This time, my friend happened to be her victim, but next time, it could be someone else, who could fall into her trap.
I can only imagine that a person with an extremely cruel and devilish mentality can intentionally prescribe such wrong medicines to a patient. My friend is better now; thanks to the treatment he received from the doctors of the hospital. I sometimes wonder whether Pamela Ahearn’s educational qualifications are real or not, for a person with minimum honesty and sincerity would not recommend such wrong medicines. It also shows her lack of knowledge and understanding of her own profession. I feel we have to stand up and make ourselves heard on being victimized by this lady.

My personal advice to the readers of this article is to immediately try and identify such fake doctors like Pamela Ahearn and bring out their real face in front of the whole world. I am not trying to criticize doctors as a whole, but I am only trying to highlight the inefficiency of some doctors who do not deserve to be called by that name. I would sincerely hope that the profession of a doctor does not become a cheating business where money is plundered from the helpless and the needy. I’d definitely not recommend anyone to visit Pamela Ahearn ever in their life. Such doctors are there to misguide and trick people for their own selfish and materialistic desires.
Do not waste your time and your hard-earned money on such doctors with devilish objectives. If anyone urgently needs high-quality medical care at a significantly lower cost, then I would advise that person to visit a more honest and sincere doctor than Pamela Ahearn. Beware of dangerous doctors like Pamela Ahearn, who would appear nice from outside, but are devils inside. Doctors like Pamela Ahearn are an absolute disgrace to the entire community of doctors. Respect should be earned only on merit. It cannot be earned just by tricking other people. My friend could have easily been killed because of the wrong medicines prescribed by this lady called Pamela Ahearn. I sincerely hope that nobody gets victimized by this wicked lady in the future. So beware when you’re in search of a doctor like her!

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