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Published: 19 July 2019

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I had a sore tooth for a few days and couldn’t take the pain anymore. I rushed off to the nearest dentist in the hope to get rid of my painful tooth. My gums were swollen and caused a lot of pain against my bad tooth.

The dentist, Paul L Caputo DDS PA, extracted my tooth and ignored the painful abscess, I couldn’t believe that the dentist had just done this to me. I expected the dentist to give me a prescription of antibiotics to relieve the abscess before tooth extraction. This didn’t help relieve the pain and my gums worsened. I couldn’t fall asleep all night. My gums bled through most of the night.

I trusted this dentist, and he did not examine my mouth or gums instead, just looked at the tooth in disgust and pulled it out without hesitation.

A dentist supposed to know the best way to extract a tooth and, in this case, Paul L Caputo DDS PA doesn’t have a clue of what to do when a patient has an abscess that causes the tooth to be sore and uncomfortable. I felt ill and the pain unbearable. I felt fever and stabbing pains in my gums due to the lack of knowledge of this dentist I faced a bad situation. To make me as l feel worse, I didn’t know how to get rid of such pain.

The payment was a ripoff and the thing is, I trusted Paul thinking everything will be fine. Unfortunately, this is not the way to treat a patient and it is unacceptable. No one deserves to be put in this situation. Sore gums, bleeding gums, and a tooth extracted with an abscess are not how tooth extraction is attempted.

The malpractice of Paul Caputo, in my case, is a lack of knowing how to go about simple tooth extraction. Under no circumstances should a bad tooth be removed while there is an abscess in the gums. I don’t want anyone to visit a dentist with such impatience unless they know the background of the dentist. I wouldn’t want anyone to have experienced my pain and to have to feel ill as I have from the poor knowledge of Paul.

This dentist is not online and is not popular in the neighborhood. The thing is I had no idea of his background. I saw a dentist and wanted to get rid of my painful tooth and little did I know how the extraction of my tooth will affect me.

I found out the hard way by having to feel such pain and negligence from a dentist I trusted. Nothing felt good during my ordeal and the dentist didn’t think it was his fault. It is in the good nature of the dentist and knowledge to take good care of their patients and this didn’t happen to me. The experience left slightly traumatized about my regular visits to the dentist. It is not a good idea to visit an unpopular dentist and it is important for you as well to make the right choice when it comes dentists.

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