Dr. Peter Kaplan

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Dr. Peter Kaplan seeks to get his pistol license back

Dr. Peter Kaplan is suing the NYPD to get back his 18 registered pistols as well as his gun permit. This is after he was accused of threatening to shoot his social-circuit wife fatally. In July 2013, he warned his fashion designer wife Andrea Karambelas that she would be dead and that he had access to guns. The child psychologist was estranged from his wife, and was formerly affiliated with NYU League Medical Center.
She got a restraining order against him after filing a domestic incident report. Kaplan asked his brother to tell her to drop the claim, and was sentenced to 20 days in jail, in addition to having his guns taken away. He was also put on probation for a year.
Even before July 2013, Karambales had filed a report claiming her husband threatened her in a Family Court hallway. Kaplan got an order of protection against her after she had allegedly screamed at him in the subway. He says his wife is lying about everything.
His 18 guns are with the Southampton Police Department now. The 57 year old New York Medical College grad says that he will be fine with a suspension of his license instead of a revocation. He feels like the revocation is an excessive punishment.
Kaplan did not notify the NYPD’s registration division about his arrest. He also did not seek permission to keep the guns with a private dealer. These incidents violated his pistol license rules.


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