Dr. Petra Schubert

Extremely careless, unprofessional and reckless!

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Published: 01 June 2019

Posted by: Patricia

I had visited the clinic of Dr. Petra Schubert because I had crooked teeth. I had a horrible smile and I wanted to get it treated. My past dentist recommended me that I needed to see an expert orthodontist for this issue and Dr. Petra seemed like the right professional for this issue. I had first checked out her website and at first, she seemed like a reliable professional. I didn’t think she’d be an incompetent and careless dentist. If I had any clue, I wouldn’t have trusted her so much with my treatment. When I saw her, she was confident and she checked my teeth. She told me that I’ll need to get braces installed. I did that. But that’s when the problem arose. I had told her that I used to feel a lot of pain in my teeth when she was doing my checkup. She didn’t care. She just did the checkup and told me that she’ll give me the braces in a few days. I received them alright and started wearing them. But ever since I started wearing those braces, the pain in my jaw and teeth increased substantially. I used to cry sometimes because of the horrible pain those braces caused me. I had started eating less and sometimes, I didn’t eat at all. After a while, I started skipping meals because of the constant pain in my teeth. When I told Dr. Petra about this issue, she just told me to relax. She said it was a normal reaction and I shouldn\’t worry about my teeth. At that time, I trusted her. I didn’t think she would be careless and unprofessional. I was tolerating that uncontrollable pain but my bf had other plans. He didn’t like to see me in pain so he took me to another specialist. I’m glad that he did because this other specialist told me that I had TMJ and because of that I shouldn’t have worn braces in the first place. Those braces were worsening the condition. I should have gotten the necessary treatment for TMJ first and then and only then I should have gotten those braces for my teeth. They were harming my jaw and that was the reason why I used to be in so much pain. When I told Dr. Petra about his ordeal, she didn’t take it properly. She started yelling at me for not informing her about the issue and started calling me names. I was petrified. But later, I realized that she was just making me feel guilty so that I wouldn’t blame her for her mistake. She was supposed to check my mouth for TMJ! And she didn’t. She is too careless. I had told her that I used to face a lot of pain in my jaws but she didn’t listen. All she did was look into my mouth and she just assumed that my teeth were fine. She is a careless and unprofessional doctor who shouldn’t be allowed to run such a clinic. I’m not going back to her place.

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