Dr. Rachel J. Rippey

She is totally out of her mind!

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Published: 24 May 2019

Posted by: Luis

Do you know what’s worse than visiting an eye doctor? A retarded eye doctor. And that’s what I did when I visited Dr. Rippey’s clinic. The place is a mess and nothing else. I don’t know about her staff but she is a real danger. She is rude, erratic and sometimes, crazy. I doubt she has schizophrenia. When I had visited the place, I was told to wait for around 30 minutes. I was fine with it because I thought she was busy at the time. Eventually, when she finally did take a look at my eye, she asked me if I take care of my eyes or not. I told her I used to but recently, I had become a little careless. She started giving me a long lecture about carelessness and then started to talk about how it ruins lives. I didn’t want to listen to that crap. But she didn’t stop. When I got up to leave, she told me to wait because she wanted to prescribe me something. She kept rambling about carelessness and other crap for around 20 minutes. In the end, she told me to get glasses from her clinic. If you think that’s it, then it isn’t. Dr. Rippey is really a crazy person and she deserves to be in an asylum walking with other patients, not around here giving lectures to her patients about topics no one cares about. Not only that, her clinic gave me defective pieces too. When I went there to get a replacement for the lenses they had given me, they told me I’ll first need to check with Dr. Rippey. I asked them if I could get an appointment with their other doctor, Dr. Vela-something. They told me he wasn’t available and because Dr. Rippey was handling my case, she was the right doctor to see if the lenses are defective or if there is any other issue. Again, the same thing happened. That constant chatter started again and now it was about politics. I told her I had to be somewhere so it’d be better if she did the task a little fast. But she didn’t listen. Nope, she completely ignored anything I said. And she wasted other 40-something minutes of my day. I got late for my meeting because of her. She checked the lenses and told me that she will give me a replacement but I’ll need to come back a week later. I never got those replacements. It’s been three weeks since I gave her those lenses for replacement and I’m yet to receive a substitute. I won’t go to this clinic anymore. It’s worthless. As I said, Dr. Rippey is out of her mind and it’s a miracle that she’s able to work. I don’t know people are able to work with her. She doesn’t care about your time or money. I’m going to another optometrist from now on and I can tell you for certain that Dr. Rippey’s clinic is a piece of crap in comparison to others.

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