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I was very much hurt of her poor work. Stay Away!

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Published: 06 August 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

One of the biggest mistakes in my life was to go to Dr. Rachelle Shaw for the replacement of my four frontal teeth’s. I had minor strains on all of my frontal teeth and wanted to get rid of because it was creating a lot of pain while chewing food. I made an appointment to Dr. Rachelle a well-known dentist. I was not aware of the fact that she could prove to be such a horrible doctor. She said the only way to get rid of these multiple strain was to cover them and fill them up with ceramic laminates. I had no idea about it so I agreed to her and was ready for the treatment. Before the treatment could be done I was immediately asked to deposit a certain amount of money to the bank nearby so that she could proceed with the treatment soon after that. I requested her to initiate with my treatment as I will pay as soon as her job is done. She denied my request and told me to make the payment first. I had to get up and quickly go to the bank nearby and deposit the money.
I again came back to the clinic and then she started with the treatment. The worst part is that she never told me that she would make gaps between the gums and cut those portion. I felt a great amount of pain throughout the treatment as I was not at all ready to bear all the pain at once. Being a dentist one should always have an idea to make certain parts unconscious before proceeding for deep cuts, but this dentist did it right In front of my conscious eyes. I was horrified when I looked myself in the mirror after the treatment. It was looking very scary and ugly because of the gaps made unevenly. My next appointment for filling up the gaps was on the week. Until then I had to bear the pain throughout the week. I requested her to give me some painkillers so that I may get some relief, to this she replied by saying “she has a very good experience and cannot take advice from her patient as she is practicing from the last 5 years”.
The next week when the gaps were filled with ceramic laminates I was assured by the doctor that it would not break off for a minimum of 10 years, but after 2 weeks of my treatment two out of four seals broke off while I was walking in the middle of the road. She replaced them by making me wait for another 10 days. I had important meetings to attend but due to the error in my treatment, I was not able to meet anyone. I immediately changed my dentist and came to know that there was no need of such a treatment for this minor problem. The treatment left my teeth’s looking larger and it seemed they were doomed out of my facial structure which was looking very ugly. I would never suggest anyone go to Doctor Rachelle Shaw for their treatment.

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