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One of the biggest frauds ever!

To put it honestly, I am shocked at the sheer gall of Dr. Randal Haworth, one of the biggest frauds ever! My wife’s face and nose were completely ruined by his erroneous plastic surgeries. Also, to add insult to injury, while she was under anaesthesia for close to four hours, this letch sexually harassed her by penetrating her anus and vagina with his fingers. I am taking legal action against him along with my wife and countless other victims. You will be shocked to know that this guy comes drunk and high on cocaine for surgeries and also consultations. He is known to have fun with prostitutes and drug dealers until the early hours of the morning while binge drinking on vodka and scotch laced with cocaine. The license of this doctor should be immediately revoked before he ruins the lives of a few hundred more patients.

In fact, if you check https://www.theregister.co.uk/2018/03/17/plastic_surgeon_allegations/ or https://www.newsweek.com/beverly-hills-plastic-surgeon-accused-watching-porn-during-surgery-former-849190, you will come to know how Haworth really is as a doctor and person. HORRIBLE. Simply horrible I repeat! Laura Day, an ex-patient, had filed her malpractice suit. Haworth, according to her, used the Percocet painkiller illegally and regularly before and during surgeries along with other drugs like cocaine. He concealed his vision problems and Day was left in trauma after suffering from massive injuries during a procedure that was performed by Haworth back in 2015. She was left permanently disfigured and impaired mentally. Haworth was also put on trial for falsely modifying consent forms of patients and bullying those who complained about him. If you visit here, you’ll come to know like me how Haworth watches porn during surgeries that he botches up routinely on patients. Tess Broussard is an affected patient who has claimed that he plays porn videos and other disturbing things during surgeries including graphic and extreme violence. Broussard suffered from permanent injuries due to Haworth’s botched up lip-filling procedure. I feel for these people and also for my poor wife. I only hope that this guy is brought to justice and other people do not have to go through these horrors anymore.

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