Dr. Ravish Patwardhan

Dr. Ravish Patwardhan – A murderer

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Published: 05 August 2017

Posted by: Cynthia P. Shepherd

This report has been written according to the medical board record no. MD.14643R. The disciplinary action involved include the revoking of his license. Dr. Ravish Patwardhan is a high portfolio surgeon and he is accused of a number of malpractice counts (may be hundred or more). It is considered to be the highest-profile medical situation as compared to all the others of this year. This doctor was a prominent and well-known Shreveport neurosurgeon. He is accused of great numbers of malpractice’s count. People want to know that is there really any evidence against him for supporting the claims. People also want to know that whether he is still serving and practicing as a surgeon after this incident or not.
Dr. Ravish Patwardhan was supposed to appear on the Healthwatch at three occasions in multiple times throughout this year. Some colleagues of the doctor report that they knew him as he used to perform a great number of surgeries with high volumes. If you search him on YouTube, there would be lots of videos and positive reviews about him given by his patients. However, there is a dark side of the story as well.
After practicing in northwest Louisiana for a few years, the thing that was said by the attorney named John Hammons was racked up by Dr. Ravish Patwardhan. In the end, it could be two hundred and forty malpractice lawsuits. There is a health reporter whose name is Jessica Crandall. She attended a proper appeal in the month of January for the thing that could be the tip of the iceberg. (It is said in the context of court cases).
It is said by Hammons that it is just the beginning; there are five more that were set this year. One of them came up in Feb, then in March, then in April, then in September and the last one in October. Hammons also reports that each of the cases was filed because of the substandard care and other things related to the surgeries of the spine. Some of the cases were also related to the surgery of the brain, but most of them were related to spinal surgeries.
The doctor was one of the staff members of Willis-Knighton Pierre Mont. The medical license of the doctor was supposed to be restricted about three years back from performing surgeries. It has been shown by the records of the court that while he was there at Willis-Knighton, the doctor was not given any board certificate and he was not eligible for becoming board certified anymore. Dr. Patwardhan wrote a letter to the American Board of Neurological Surgery in the month of January in 2011. In it he said he raised different points. In response of this, Hammons said a lot of things about him. He said that the doctor concealed for a number of months, etc.
In the month of November, the doctor was sent to prison for spending his night over there. Later on, he had to pay $25,000 to the attorney of the plaintiff.

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