Dr. Renee Kurtz

She is a criminal and a negligent dentist.

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Published: 24 May 2019

Posted by: Virginia

She has no heart and no guilt for the kind of pain she inflicts on her patients. Don’t trust all those online reviews. They don’t paint the full picture. She installed a dental crown on a damaged tooth without even treating the underlying problem. That caused me a lot of pain for weeks and I had to pay a lot to get the issue treated. I had visited this clinic for a simple checkup. I was having a little toothache and I wanted to find out what the cause was and get it treated. Well, it was one of my biggest mistakes to visit this clinic in the first place. I had looked up this place online. I was certain that my research was fruitful. Their website looked good and they didn’t have any negative reviews at the time. Now I know it was all fake information. It’s either that or something terrible has happened to this place. Because it’s no longer a reliable dental clinic. It’s now a big mess. And it’s not safe for anyone to visit this clinic for treatment. After Dr. Renee did my checkup, she told me that I’ll need a dental crown for a tooth. She told me that she’ll provide me with the best treatment for my issue and that I should quickly get a dental crown. I followed her advice and did what she told me to. Again, it was a huge mistake on my part to trust that negligent dentist. None of this would have happened to me if I hadn’t trusted her in the first place. I should have cross-checked her diagnosis and gotten a second opinion from another dentist before I went to her clinic for a dental crown. She did install a crown on my tooth but the problem didn’t go. In fact, within a few weeks, my pain and agony increased tenfold. Eating and chewing became a nightmare for me. I visited another dentist to find out what was wrong with my teeth. He told me that my previous dentist (Dr. Renee) had installed a crown on an infected tooth. So she hadn’t done a proper procedure in the first place! She was supposed to treat that tooth first. But instead of treating that tooth first, she installed a crown on top of it. I don’t know why she did that. I had to get that crown removed and then that tooth treated. Because of the terrible treatment, I had to get it removed. What kind of terrible dentist is she? She doesn’t even know how to do any procedures properly and if she keeps it up, soon many people will walking around with toothaches or no teeth at all. If I hadn’t gotten that second opinion, I might have lost more than a tooth. I don’t know how much pain I might have had to face because of the stupidity or malicious activity of Dr. Renee.

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