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Published: 19 December 2018

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On April 18th Dr. Asarch saw my daughter for the first time who was presenting with a rash all over her body that was a pustule type rash that she had for more than 3 weeks. It was weeping which caused it to spread rapidly. I sent ther to Dr. Asarch because we have a family history of Psoriasis. Dr. Asarch has a website that specifically discusses his expertise in this area. Plantars and Palmers psoriasis presents in this type way with pustules that weep. This is why I sent her to Dr. Asarch. Since my other daughters had it I was worried my only other daughter that had never presented with it, may have finally come down with it. I expcted Dr. Richard Asarch who is supposedly a board certified pathologist and dermatologist to recognize these symptoms one way or another. I could clearly see this was not just a normal rash of any kind. If it wasn’t psoriasis we were worried it was staph or impetigo or something of that nature since it produced open sores.My daughter is in the veterinary medical field and mainly does surgery, so she is exposed to animals and is familiar with medical treatments and tissues, blood factors etc. When my daughter arrived she was seen by a medical assistant. She was never asked to get in a gown despite telling her that she was covered in this rash and that it was in her nose and in her belly button as well. When Dr. Asarch finally came into the room, he lifted her long sleeve back to expose her arm only about 3 inches and said laughingly….””you only have dry skin””. Told her that he had already written her a prescription before he came in the room and to put that on her body and that should take care of it. My daughter said “”really? that is all this is? why would it be weeping like this? and he cut her off before she could finish her sentence and he said laughingly…””Trust me, i see this all the time!””. He left the room and my daughter left and called me from her car in tears, knowing full well it wasn’t dry sking, upset that he never even bothered to look at her body to get a good look at the rash and upset that a doctor would even prescribe a medicine without even having met her yet. She had no desire to see him again knowing his attitude. So she decided to head to the ER. I drove from another city to meet her there as she was in no shape to continue to deal with this on her own anymore. Once in the ER, the Chief of the ER actually was brought over to look her over because no one could figure out what it was. It took four doctors to get a look at it and multiple tests, blood tests, before the diagnosis came back as: Parvo Virus which had invaded an surgical scar she had from last August’s orthopaedic surgery to repair a compound fracture with 4 pins and a plate. Eczema had all of the sudden covered the scar and the rash had spread from that scar to her foot and all over her. The itching of these open pustules which released fluid further spread the Parvo Virus all over her. She is now on multiple strong medications to help stabilize her to get her strong enough to treat her for the virus. The complete negligence of this Dr. has caused her even more depression, so much expense (Dr. Asarch costs, ER costs, multiple drugs — from Dr. Asarch RX to the REAL drugs needed) and missed work for my daughter to have to go see Dr. Asarch then go to see a real Dr by going to the ER. I don’t understand how this doctor can call himself a specialist when he spends less than 2 minutes with her at an initial visit, doesn’t put her in a gown when she is telling him she is covered with an oozing rash and then sends her off with a misdiagnosis. And laughs at her to boot. Even the ER doctors called him a quack and told us not to pay his bill. This Dr. Asarch is the epitome of a Rip Off. Other people should know about his lackadaisical attitude about his patients and their ultimate health as they walk out his office doors. Now that he has his beauty and botox / laser programs, his dermatology practice has gone to pot and should be shut down. I have now found horrible reviews about him now where he has misdiagnosed skin cancers over 3 and 4 visits. I wish I had found those prior to sending my daughter to him. I am writing this in hopes others will read this and beware! .

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