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Published: 07 November 2017

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He lied to the Dept of social services in Boulder Co to steal her newborn baby by saying she was unfit. Social services took her baby temporarily but then they gave her back when they realized her brother, the psychiatrist, Dr. Richard Repass was lying about her mental health. The baby was returned to Dr. Richard Repass’ sister 5 months later but the damage was done. The baby was abused severely in the foster home. Settlements have been made to Fran but Dr. Richard Repass to this day has not apologized for his actions or taken any steps to remedy the situation. Instead, he moved from Minnesota to Washington State to hid from her. To get all the information on this call me at 720-249-8275 Dr. Richard Repass formerly of Minnesota who has now moved to Seattle , Washington ruined his sisters life. He went out of his way to tell social services that Fran, his sister was mentally ill and an unfit mother even though Fran had not spoken to him in 7 years due to him being abusive to her and 7 years ago. He ranted on and on to social services after they had taken her baby away, despite Fran’s pleadings with him to stop and undo the damage he had done by having her baby removed initially. Dr. Richard Repass’s wife had suffered two miscarriages and he really wanted a child. His solution was to steal his sisters’ baby by abusing his power as a psychiatrist and telling social services she was mentally ill. Social services looked into her brother Dr. Richard adopting Lizzy but quickly terminated that adoption form when social services realized that Fran was the more fit parent. ( I have proof of this). For PROOF of this and all the emails he has written to steal his sister’s baby and their correspondence consisting of him gloating, “Ha, ha. I would be the better parent for your baby. I am rich and can give her more than you can!” and putting his sister down for not being rich like he is, and therefore not a good parent, and nasty emails to social services about how unfit his sister is, please call 720-249-8275 or email (email address removed by HolySmoke.org admin) There are complaint in the works to the Attorney General and the medical boards. Unfortunately, Social services took Fran’s baby at birth because they believed Dr. Richard Repass because he was a psychiatrist. They took her at birth, in May of 2004 and placed her in a foster home while they thoroughly evaluated Fran through 5 months of observation and psychiatric testing. When Fran was discovered to have no mental illness and Dr. Richards claims were unfounded, her baby was given back to her. The damage was done, however, because her baby was severely abused in the foster home. Settlements were made to Fran by these state agencies and the foster home. Social services apologized to Fran profusely. Even after Fran got her baby back Dr. Richard Repass sent letters and made phone calls to say that they were wrong and he should have her baby. Social services wrote him a letter (which I can show you) that told Dr. Richard Repass to leave them alone as we told you before, and Fran is doing great with her baby. Dr. Richard Repass has an arrest for trying to strangle his mother and has been taken to the mental hospital in a straight jacket himself because he has gone psychotci on lsd at age 17 , He also has a police record arrest for domestic violence for threatening his first wife, Karen. Dr. Richard Repass must be exposed for the fraud he is and the abuser he is. Don’t let him medicate your children! To this DAY he has NEVER made amends to his sister or his little niece who was severely abused in the foster home. Fran and her daughter are trying to survive this huge ordeal and try to live one day at a time. Dr. Richard Repass moved from Minnesota to Seattle Washington recently and works now at 601 Union St. in Seattle. He is believed to have moved to Seattle because of the complaint against him in Minnesota related to his ordeal he created. .

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