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Published: 09 November 2018

Posted by: andria

My husband Mark had paid Dr. Robert Jones to perform a Follicular Unit Extraction hair transplant of 2000 grafts of hairs some years back. We live in Roxbury, New Jersey and we traveled to Oakville. After studying my husband’s case he said yes for the extraction. But he asked him to make full payment prior to the surgery. He collected the money before the surgery and started the extractions daily. On the second day, he performed the surgery quickly and there we had a doubt on him. He had paid $10 CAN for each graft, so the total amount was $20,000 CAN. When my husband confronted about the same, he said that the amount of hair extraction is is enough to cover his bald area. He also added that my husband will never need a second surgery for hair transplant. We trusted him and believed in him in what he said. We did as he instructed us. He told him to wait for few months to see the best results.

One full year later results were very bad. My husband could not count more than 1000 individual hairs in the area where surgery was performed. He had done another surgery 2 weeks ago. He examined the two doctors worked from 9 am to 7 pm and 9 am to 4:30 pm to extract 750 grafts and 500 grafts respectively. The total of hair extraction was 1250 and when he compared the time of Dr. Jones while extraction he realized that Dr. Jones extracted a very low amount of hairs daily. He had paid a hefty amount of money for hair extraction, and Dr. Jones never extracted more than what he paid him for. My husband also said that he can’t be fast enough to remove the hairs using a speed of two persons. He also claimed that he was fast and completed the extraction in less amount of time. But one thing I noticed that he was not using any other method than other doctors which improved his speed. He also lied to us that after the surgery his hair will start to grow faster. My husband had to do more than 2 surgeries to see the possible outcome on his hairs. He also charges my husband 7% tax for no reason and never discussed the tax later on. He also had to pay $7 per graft without any tax and my husband again had to pay after the surgery. In a small amount of time Dr. Jones scammed my husband. I want to advice other people to never pay hair transplant money in advance to the doctor. We committed a mistake by doing that, and you know the result. You can pay small down payment if it is important, or else don’t. Make sure to count your grafts after each session, and note every detail about the number of grafts. Dr. Jones didn’t even reveal how many hairs in each part of the scalp were placed. He also didn’t mention where the tax charge was used and why.

I’ve heard about various fraudulent cases during hair transplant in Canada so if you are getting it cheaper in the US then don’t travel to Canada. Dr. Jones is a greedy and fraud person. Doctors like him should be banned by law. He was using the tax system for his own benefit. I also came to know that he has been doing such practices with other patients as well. One of the patients I encountered had completed the same procedure with him. His hair transplant treatment was way more expensive and he was a fool to agree to that for low quality. This doctor is also a low life criminal and the work done by him to this guy left a nasty scar. He also did the thing with him. He did not get the grafts he promised him for. This doctor should be locked in jail for taking a large number of fees from innocent people. I want to sue him and I’m looking for a good lawyer and when I get one then he is definitely going behind the bars. Various criminal charges will be raised against him. His clinic will soon go down and his illegal practices will be caught red-handed. Another patient did a complaint about him that he is untrustworthy. Do not go to him for botox, lipo and hair removal or transplantation. He has numerous complaint and has been thrown out of a consumer advocate group. He is unethical and will never recommend this butcher to anyone. I did my homework and found out that he has various commercials which convinced me that he is hiding something from the patients.

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