Dr. Robert Schiller MD

He doesn’t know anything about medicine and is retarded.

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Published: 23 June 2019

Posted by: Rodrigo

Dr. Robert Schiller is a professional scammer. He throws jargon at you if you question his methods and gets all defensive if you question his expertise. He’d be better off in jail. He toys with the health of his patients. He claims to be an expert but he doesn’t know anything about his field. I’m saying all this because he toyed with me. He fooled me for months. He made me addicted to painkillers and now I’m going into rehab. He made me a drug addict so I’d keep visiting his clinic and fill his filthy pockets. I had met him at a very low point in my life. I had undergone a spinal fusion surgery and it had gone wrong. I was recovering from the complications. At that time, one of my relatives suggested me to go and see Dr. Schiller. They told me that he was a reputed expert and it’d greatly benefit me to get treatment from him. I thought he was a good expert too. But I was wrong. At first, he seemed like a really caring and responsible professional. He told me that he’d help me get better and for some time, I thought he was really helping me. What I didn’t realize was that he was getting hooked on pills. He was making me rely on them so I’d get entrapped within his grip. Whenever I’d run out of pills, I’d panic and contact him. In the beginning, I was getting relief from those pills. But the pain had become unbearable and it seemed like it won’t go away on its own. He told me that I shouldn’t worry. He told me he’d treat me and help me get better. I didn’t think it was possible but he always told me that it is. And so, I trusted the guy. He used to prescribe with drugs and I used to get them. I was visiting Schiller’s clinic every week. And every week, he’d get me a new prescription. This went on for months until my brother came to visit me. He made me realize that I had become a drug addict. I couldn’t live without those prescription drugs. I didn’t believe my brother at first. But he kept telling me and I began to notice it too. My professional life has been suffering because I haven’t been productive. My personal life sucks because I’m too lost in the happiness those drugs give me. And recently, I realized that I lost everything because of this moron. He ruined my life!!! I’ve stopped going to him and now I’m going to rehab. I’m pretty sure that I won’t need to rely on him for any treatments in the future. This guy ruined my life and I hope he’ll pay for it someday. Just know that this guy is a sick bastard and he is too selfish and depraved. I don’t think you can trust him with anything. Don’t visit him.

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