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Published: 06 August 2019

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I recently had an accident, my jaw was out of shape after that, I had difficulty chewing and swallowing. I went to Dr. Ronald L. Katz who was an oral and maxillofacial surgeon. My appointment was made and soon I went to the clinic for further procession according to my appointment.
As soon as I entered the room I observed the surgeon carefully, he was quite calm at first and made me sit on the recliner. He then observed my jaw very carefully and decided to undergo the Orthognathic surgery known as corrective jaw surgery. I asked him the reason to undergo such risky surgery to which he replied and made me afraid of the fact that complications might arise, such as bleeding, swelling, and vomiting. There could also be some post-operative facial numbness. This made me feel devastated and restless at the same time. I had no other choice so I accepted the proposal. He fixed my appointment after 2 days.
I came back again right after two days but the clinic was closed, I was disappointed and pissed off because I traveled for about two hours to reach here. I phoned the doctor to which he gave no response, then I made a ring to the receptionist and I was informed that the clinic will reopen the day after tomorrow, they rescheduled my appointment and postponed it for two more days. I came back to the clinic again after two days. I finally met the doctor and he proceeded with the surgery. The doctor didn’t use braces before performing the surgery, it should be in his knowledge to use braces, and it was me who reminded him for pre-cautions. He made the effected parts numb and proceeded with the surgery. I suddenly woke up in the middle of the surgery, I suddenly felt such an awful pain that I went unconscious within a few seconds. Careful coordination between the surgeon and the orthodontist is essential to ensure that the surgery would be successful, but the doctor here was so inexperienced that he didn’t even have an idea to give the right amount of dosage of numbness before performing the operation. The main goal of the surgery was to achieve a correct bite, an aesthetic face, and an enlarged airway, but as soon as my surgery was over I found out nothing as such. It was all the same. The dentist said that it takes time for the muscle to get back in shape. So I believed him and paid all the money right there.
Even after two weeks, the structure was still the same and the chewing problem was still there. Nothing was done right by the surgeon. I wasn’t even recommended a liquid diet because I was having difficulty chewing. It was after the consultation of another surgeon that I came to know about such complications. Since it was a minor surgery the recovery should have been done within a week. I was very disappointed with Dr. Ronald L. Katz, he is a very inexperienced doctor and the operation he did was unsuccessful. Stay away from doctors like this.

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