Dr. Said Farzad

Dr. Said Farzad arrested for sending death threats and bomb

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Published: 20 July 2017

Posted by: John D. Elizondo

The license of Dr. Said Farzad was suspended by the State health officials after there were charges against him for threatening to kill health care employees and bomb their office.
Action was taken against Said due to allegations that he was unable to attend his patients properly due to a reason of mental condition. Farzad self-designates his practice specialties as psychiatry and child and adolescent psychiatry.
He allegedly made a number of phone calls to Molina Heath care threatening to kill the employees and also blow up their building. The reason found behind these threatening calls were because, the insurance company rejected some of his patient’s medical claims and that had angered Said to an extent that he threated them. He was arrested by the police on four counts of telephone harassement, which included a death threat and one count of threating to bomb the place. He posted bail and was released from Jail.
His behaviour is being investigated based on the charges that he crossed physician patient boundaries in 2013 with two female patients, one who was an adult and the other was an adolescent. He took the 23-year old patient to lunch and also gave her gifts and money. He also exchanged personal text messages with her and continued to pursue a non-sexual social relationship with her after her medical treatment had ended. As per the conversations exchanged between the two, when Farzad came to know the girl was pregnant, he offered to raise her child and wished to be its Godfather.
Dr. Said Farzad had extensive social interactions with young patients outside of his medical practice.

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