Dr. Samson Dubria

Dr. Samson Dubria arrested in the charges of raping and kill

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Published: 02 August 2017

Posted by: Virgie R. Denham

NEW JERSEY—A doctor knocked a woman out with chloroform with the intention of raping her, and killed her in the process. Police has now arrested the doctor.

Dr. Sam Dubria, 28, was arrested at his Morristown, N.J., home on Thursday night, in relation with the death of Jennifer Klapper, 20, who was found dead on Aug. 16 at the All Star Inn in Carlsbad, Calif. Dubria had called paramedics and told authorities that Jennifer had simply died after having sex with him.
According to Deputy District Attorney Tim Casserly, Dubria had to be extradited to California for trial. Dubria would have to face charges of rape, murder and administering anesthesia to aid a felony, Casserly said. A bail hearing has been scheduled for today.
Toxicology report revealed that Klapper had enough chloroform in her body to kill her, the autopsy has failed to reveal the cause of death though. The tests showed evidence of recent sexual intercourse and her face was found to be scratched as well.
In an affidavit, Dubria claimed that he and Klapper were traveling together but were not involved in a relationship. They had come to California to visit his parents and to see the place. The young woman giving her consent to having sex with him the night she died, was unexpected, he told the police.
Klapper’s sister told the police that since she had gone through a failed relationship, her sister had decided not to have sex again until she got married.
The affidavit says that before leaving for the trip with Dubria, Klapper said to her sister that she had met the doctor in a Cincinnati hospital where he was working as an intern and she was a librarian and that she was not attracted to him at all. They had just continued to have a platonic friendship, after he left Cincinnati.
When Dubria was interviewed by police, he denied all charges of killing the woman and said that he had no clue how she came in contact with chloroform, a chemical commonly available in all hospitals.
Dubria suggested in the affidavit, that the car that he and Klapper were using might have crossed a truck carrying chloroform.

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