Dr. Sara Sheppard

She was lying, deceiving and manipulating me all throughout!

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Published: 31 May 2019

Posted by: Elton

Dr. Sheppard did 3 fillings on the same tooth within 8 months and then installed a crown on the same too! She is a negligent and careless professional who doesn’t care about her patients even for a bit. All she cares about is the money in her patient’s pockets. She used me and deceived me. She did unnecessary procedures on me and nearly destroyed one of my teeth. Her treatments cost me a lot. She was my family dentist and I had been visiting her clinic for a year. When I had first heard about her, it was from a friend. She seemed like a genuine and nice person and I was quite sure that she was a trustworthy professional. I didn’t know that she was a negligent and careless dentist. If I had known about her malicious nature before, I wouldn’t have trusted her at all. During one of my checkups, she suggested getting a filling on a tooth. I had a cavity. I was surprised but I agreed and got the filling done. But after a few weeks, the filling fell off. When I asked her, she said that the cavity must’ve grown because of improper oral hygiene and that I should immediately get it re-filled. I maintain proper hygiene just so you know. But I trusted her more than myself and so I got another filling done within 5 weeks of the first one. That second filling fell off within 2 months too. She did another procedure and then after a few weeks of that treatment, she suggested to me that I should get a dental cap installed on that tooth too. I got the dental crown installed on that tooth as she had suggested. One day I was telling my friends about Dr. Sheppard and this treatment and they told me that I was getting scammed. They told me that Dr. Sheppard was taking advantage of my trust and doing unnecessary procedures on my mouth. When I went to another dentist for a second opinion, I found out that I was really getting scammed. It was a complete scam. She had done terrible procedures deliberately so she could charge me double and triple the amount.

She was manipulating me so I’d keep paying her and keep getting illogical treatments from her. This other dentist, who I had visited to get a second opinion from, told me that the crown wasn’t installed properly too. It was paving way for dental infection and I might’ve developed a serious disease as a result of that terrible procedure. It was my mistake to trust Dr. Sheppard blindly. She seemed so gentle and caring at first that I got fooled easily. I didn’t know she was deceiving me. She called me later. And when I told her that I found out about her poorly installed dental cap, she said that it must be me too. She always put the blame on me while in reality, she was the culprit.

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