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The Arrogant gesture of Dr. Scott Silverstein

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Published: 14 November 2018

Posted by: Jordan

Are you ready to wait for Dr. Scott Silverstein for the whole day? Think Twice

Do you value your time? Do you believe that if someone doesn’t value your time, he or she is exhibiting his or her arrogance and driven by the superiority complex? Then forget consulting Dr. Scott Silverstein. This doctor is practicing for over 17 years in Pompano Beach Florida & has marketed enough for proving his abilities to be a successful family doctor and an adult doctor. For this reason, I was carried away and thought to consult him at the earliest convenience as I was suffering from knee pain and back ache for the past couple of months. Finally, I thought to give up the chiropractor and visit a good doctor who can diagnose the issue and let me know the next steps of treatment so that I can get rid of the extreme pain I was suffering from.

2 months delayed appointment…

I started my research and after extensive research found that Dr. Scott Silverstein is the only nearby doctor who will be able to cure me from the pain I was in. This was my intention. But the moment I entered the clinic and appealed to book an appointed, I was gravely disappointed. The receptionist at the Innovative Health and Wellness- the clinic said that I have to wait for at least 2 month to visit Dr. Scott Silverstein. He’s too filled up with appointments that I won’t be able to consult him on and before the given time. The receptionists and the other assistants are least bothered about the seriousness of the situation. At that point of time, I was only looking for good medication or a therapy that can help me to get rid of the excruciating pain I was in.
I requested several times if there is any chance to consult Dr. Scott Silverstein considering the depth of the situation. But I found the clinic to be a factory where the workers, work like machines without any feelings and sympathy for the ailing patients. They’re a bunch of ruthless people sitting around the corner employed as assistants.

The nightmare awaits…

The situation makes me vulnerable and I surrendered to it. I agreed to wait for two months and finally reached the clinic on the given date. I had a lot of hope that now I’m supposed to meet Dr. Scott Silverstein as I was strongly recommended by one of my known friends. I was hopeful that now I’ll be properly treated. But I never knew that shortly I’ll be exposed to one of my worst nightmares.
I reached at the Innovative Health and Wellness Clinic some time before my appointment and waited there along with other patients who were also ailing and waited for months to fix an appointment with Dr. Scott Silverstein. But where was Dr. Scott Silverstein??? Well, from here the big question arises. We waited for more the 2-3 hours when Dr. Scott Silverstein arrived. But did he see his long awaited patients? No. He instructed some of his assistants to start initially and didn’t find himself responsible for the utter dismay.
He was late. Dr. Scott Silverstein was irresponsible. Dr. Silverstein was arrogant. Why arrogant? Yes. I have proof for that. When I was actually pissed off while waiting for hours, I directly went to him and asked him why was he so late and why it was not informed. All the awaiting patients must have hampered their work and other things and wasted several hours waiting for him but he was not around! Is there any answer? I was not at all rude rather curious of this audacity. What was his answer in this lieu? He said why the hell did I wait? I could have left if I was wasting time. Now, this was the exact point of time when I lost all my patience and came down off his office right that moment.

I later met a few of his patients who were equally disturbed with his behavior and arrogance. What is he Jesus, a messiah without whom people are not going to have their salvation? I was very annoyed by his behavior and was actually surprised and shocked to find how ruthless and impolite a doctor can be.
Why on earth waste your time if you agree time is money!
If you have plenty of time to waste and the gift of bearing extreme agony then consulting Dr. Scott Silverstein could be your cup of tea. If not, don’t visit this proud doctor suffering from the superiority complex from tip to toe.

Instead you should find and visit a polite and well mannered doctor who is patient-friendly and extremely responsible towards his duty. Visiting Dr. Scott Silverstein is never going to that memorable experience for you.

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