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Published: 24 January 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

I was diagnosed with Herpes 1 and 2 , nine years ago . I was then diagnosed with HIV: 4 years ago which is now full blown AIDS as I held off on using traditional medication and western medicine for Dr. Sebi since he said he can cure me . I’ve also suffered from Lower Intestinal Ulcers that have ruined my life because of the virus. I was so depressed I couldn’t face the humiliation of going to a clinic to get medication for the rest of my life plus I had heard that the cure was available. For years I’ve searched for a cure to totally eradicate the virus. A close friend recommended dr. Sebi because sebi touts publicly that he can CURE ANY VIRUS – AIDS, CANCER, DIABETES, ANYTHING – because his treatment attacks and kills the cell which is all MUCUS related. Dr. Sebi has tons of lectures on youtube that I’ve watched and he constantly makes trips from hondoras to California to lecture and “enlighten” people to come to Usha village and order his cell food products on his sebicellfood website. What they fail to tell you is that he won’t be personally treating you , yet your given the illusion that he will. It took me 3.5 years after knowing about sebi to do everything to raise the money to get to him, even to the point of flatlining in a hospital on the edge of death. At first i was quoted $1500 for a week. Then later down the line I was so bad off health wise that dr. Sebi and his people recommended I come to USHA VILLAGE for at least 25 days @ $800 a week. I had no skepticism at all that his method would work and I truly believed Dr. Sebi was my only hope of being cured, so I did everything to raise the money. I’ve seen testimonials, though none of them include someone saying he actually cured them of HIV. But I still kept my faith in his abilities. I didn’t want any ounce of negativity to taint me and my belief in dr. Sebi. Fast forward to 3.5 years later to 2015. It took everything out of me to get to HONDORAS but I got there. The first disturbing red flag was when I wrote his daughter SAAMA with specific questions and the response I got was real vague. Some questions were not answered at all which let me know SAAMA didn’t even fully read the email and recieve it in the love and humility in which it was sent (the responses were short and it seemed like she was on automatic pilot ). When I got to hondoras my consultation didn’t start til 2 days after being there, yet I had to pay that full week, saama prescribed my meds and I was off on my journey to what i thought was good health. I did the bath, kettle water and sauna every day and took all my herbs (those which were provided at least) and I did my best to stay stress free which ended up being impossible. Problems arose as I realized, as did everyone else there at usha, that usha village is completely disorganized. SAAMA is never in the office, locked up in her room and doesn’t care to be bothered. Saama only cares about the day you need to pay. you have to ask 4 times for your needs to be met and even then Saama will foret and apologize with excuses when confronted. They have one nurse EVELYN to take care of the whole village in the day time, who can’t keep up with everyone and constantly forgets. The 2 night nurses don’t speak english. The only consistency is that people bang on your door to get your blood pressure, which makes no sense if they are contributing to your stress by not getting you proper herbs. Some days i got repeats of the same bitter drink, one time someone brought me what was supposed to be marijuana tea but it wasn’t, it was the bitter morning drink because it turned out that the kitchen staff put something in the wrong pot. MY HERBS WERE NEVER ADMINISTERED CONSISTENTLY WHICH TOOK AWAY FROM THE PROBABILITY THAT I’D LEAVE CURED AS I WAS TOLD IF I JUST CAME FOR 21 DAYS. I was so stressed because i kept having to chase after saama and evelyn only to get minimal to no results. Evelyn and Saama were nice however all the apologies in the world can’t make up for me leaving uncured and in worse health then I came. Thats the problem, Saama does everything with a smile but it’s fake, she isn’t even mentally there. They had the nerve to try to double charge my credit card for services not rendered. These people are money hungry. Dr. Sebi was conveniently gone the day I arrived. The truth is that Saama just doesn’t genuinely care about anyone’s well being. There’s a client named ms. Beverly whose been at usha for 4 months and can’t even walk because they have neglected to treat her properly – she asked me to push her up in a broken wheel chair to the bath and stuff but I’m too sick for all that and shouldn’t have to. Its not my job. What they gave her in addition to the mushrooms apparently made her even more sick. Ms. Beverly was worse off months later then when she arrived at usha and was actually able to walk. I myself left USHA much worse then when I arrived too because of the overall neglect – nobody at usha is attentive to anyone’s needs its very unprofessional . What kind of sense does it make to hire primarily spanish speaking staff to serve only english speaking clients. It was very frustrating and I’m just depressed of how anticlimactic my trip to usha ended up being. They lie and tell you the nurses know english but they know minimal to the point its ineffective. They know phrases but can’t keep on going dialogue to identify your issue. What let me know dr. Sebi was apart of this whole cure scam is that the day i left, i left him a letter with his nephew Michael (who ignores me when i try to contact him now that I’m gone) and at his front door with my phone number on it and he never acknowledged or called. Apparently he is retired, but I found that out last minute when I was there in honduras. But yet he still lives on the premises of the village letting his daughter rip people off, while he corals new victims with his lectures. And of course when I was leaving I was told dr. Sebi was just coming in that same day. Dr. Sebi is a fraud and clearly beyond a shadow of a doubt a marketing scheme. Playing on the hopes of desperate people like me trying to get healthy. He raises fear about all the foods we eat using partly valid facts of how these foods aren’t good in order to create demand for his products. however the outrageous prices he charges keep anyone with any regular income from affording it. He swears he wants to help our people -cure our black people but sets prices so high that the average working class person just can’t afford it. Plus the staff he hires just doesn’t care and does everything so half assed. (Both at Usha in Honduras and the California office) What is most disheartening is how mislead I and so many others told me that they were. Sebi and his staff tell you that you can be cured of whatever your disease is over the phone to get you to spend the money, once you get there then it’s alot of verbal back pedaling, and the real truth comes out that was stated to me by SAAMA and PABLO at different times: being that “IT’S A LIFESTYLE -NOT A CURE- IT’S AN ON GOING PROCESS AND TO JUST STAY ON THE HERBS TO FEEL OK – NOT THAT I’D BE CURED, that there are no guarantees . I would not have come to USHA had i known it was just a mere glorified detox with no guarantees. They charge $1500 a month for the package i need in their california office. I’m like well d**n, i could just get on the hiv meds and be funded by the government rather then do the same REGULAR monthly lifestyle regimen at $1500 hard cash. I mean it’s just disgusting how greedy these people are. That’s why several clients who were at usha snuck out and left prematurely without paying because they were not treated properly either. I too left early because after the last nurse forgot my liquidamba which I needed and because she forgot I was worse. i was done because the chronic diarrhea made my ulcers worse to the point i couldn’t sit, eat or hardly walk. And I had to be rushed to hospital for an emergency operation as soon as I arrived back in state because I was bleeding internally. Allegedly celebrities have come here and been cured. Left eye lopez of TLC was an advocate but that was at a different time years ago when this ghetto hood rat Saama wasn’t left to run the village and perhaps sebi actually cared and was not yet corrupt. Dr Sebi personally treated left eye because of her celebrity status, but if your a regular civilian like me then you get neglected. I was promised sebi would be there when i came to USHA and that was a lie. The past customer reviews on youtube are from 6 years ago and nobody ever says that he cured them of HIV , everyone says how their “overall energy and health” improved but the hard credibility of actually CURING and eradicating the incurable diseases are not there. Hell I could get a bunch of clever energy boosting stuff here in the U.S.A At first I was going to keep my thoughts to myself but because I’m now on my death bed wasting away, . I’ve nothing to loose. I hold Dr. Sebi and thise who represent him fully responsible for my demise and declining health. None of the other clients that expressed disdain for sebi have taken the time to spread the word out of pure laziness. But not me. There are a few other blogs of peoples bad experiences at Usha village but my review is more detailed and obviously recent. If someone does bad business people have to know and be informed. If I can shine a light on a fraud like dr. Sebi and his whole corrupt family then good. Considering that again, so many others at the village left disappointed and pissed off. Dr. Sebi ripped me off and others. When I was at Usha village everyone had complaint that this was not what they were sold on. And I’ve now seen online other complaint of how usha village is not the disease curing/health restoring place that it claims to be. Its a ghost in the shell. If someone trys to get you to go run. Dr. Sebi I am so heartbroken and ashamed of you.

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