Dr. Seth A. Jerabek MD

He is a negligent surgeon who should be banned!

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Published: 20 June 2019

Posted by: Alicia

Dr. Seth Jerabek is a medical criminal. He ruined my knee and did a horrible procedure making me unable to walk for weeks. I’ve had to spend a fortune just to recover from the damage he has done to me through his foolish surgery. I was fooled by his online presence. I thought he was a reliable surgeon, clearly, I was mistaken. If I had known the truth before, I wouldn’t have contacted the guy in the first place. He had done a knee amputation and that ended up with an infection. The infection could’ve been prevented if he would’ve noticed it earlier. But no, he was too careless to do that. I ended up living with that infection for a few weeks. I had to undergo treatment for that infection and it’s pretty clear to me that this guy is a malicious criminal.

I won’t recommend him to anyone. The way he ruined my case and then handled it later showed me that he is not a reliable and trustworthy doctor. He is the worst kind of surgeon you can get. He is cold-hearted, he is selfish and he lies to you all the time. I made the mistake of trusting him with my treatment and I’ve paid for that mistake every day since then. I haven’t been able to recover even after undergoing treatment. It has become uncomfortable for me to move around. I used to be a normal guy but thanks to Dr. Seth, I can now be termed as a ‘disabled’ person. I’d advise you to look for a different orthopedic surgeon as well. Just avoid this guy. You’d be better in the hands of a newbie than Dr. Seth. This guy doesn’t take responsibility for his actions. When I told him that I’ve got an infection where he had done surgery, he didn’t take any responsibility. He just started saying vague things and blaming me. That’s when I realized what a grave mistake I had made by trusting this guy. I know why he didn’t even apologize for doing such a crappy job with my knee amputation. He didn’t want to issue me any compensation or refund. And he was afraid that I might ask for one by seeing that he was the one responsible for my condition. He thought I was too foolish to understand this. What can I possibly do to get my treated knee infected? And even if I did get my knee infected, I had visited Dr. Seth after that and I had gotten a diagnosis from him. He had told me then that I was fine and it was just a usual pain. He missed the infection then so it’s pretty clear that he could’ve caused it too. I don’t give a damn now. All I know is that you should avoid this man at all costs. He isn’t worth wasting your life, money and time for. He is a cheat.

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