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A negligent, corrupt and ill-minded dentist!

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Published: 24 May 2019

Posted by: Cynthia

She did a horrible job with my dental implant which cost me a fortune. I had to incur a lot of pain and financial burden because of her negligent behavior. Either she’s a seriously corrupt dentist or she is mentally retarded. IN both cases, she shouldn’t be allowed to practice. In fact, her clinic, which is called Dr. Sharon Dental Group, should be shut down. She is scamming people and lying to them at all times. Her unprofessional behavior and her malicious treatments are the only things you’ll find there. I had gotten my dental implant at the Dr. Sharon Dental Group. A dental implant is supposed to last for years if not a lifetime. And my implant fell down within a year. That’s the level of Dr. SHARON SCOTT HAS. She is a stupid moron who is too old to do this job. After getting my implant there, I used to visit the place for my routine dental checkups. I had grown fond of the place. But after I began to face issues with my implant, I consulted her and she started blaming me for this. She just said that must have had poor oral hygiene so the implant fell down. When I got a second opinion on this matter, the other dentist told me that the implant wasn’t very great. And because of it, I was at a greater risk of developing dental infections and gum diseases. I don’t know about you but for me, it was terrible news. I had paid her a huge sum for the dental implant. These procedures cost a lot. First, she extracted a tooth and then she replaced it with a dental implant. She charged me heavily for both of these procedures. At that time, I didn’t mind because I thought I was getting great treatment. I had thought of that money as an investment in my health. Who knew that I was actually getting scammed by a dentist? And that’s what Dr. Sharon is. She is a big scammer who is lying to her patients about her expertise or intentions. Either she’s a terrible dentist or she’s a shrew and a negligent dentist. She should be made to pay for her negligence. I’m planning on suing her and her clinic for the terrible treatment she gave me. Her negligence cost me a lot. Not only did I have to pay her a lot for the extraction of my tooth and installation of the implant, but I also had to pay a lot for getting treatment after the failed implant. I wouldn’t recommend anyone to visit this place. You’ll only get your teeth damaged by this witch. And I’m certain that no one visits a dentist for that purpose. Not only that, but you might also end up like me and pay her a fortune for getting a negligent treatment. So it’d be better for your dental as well as financial health to keep a distance from her clinic.

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