Dr Sharon J Lee, DDS

He never admitted his fault and always used to make the patients feel sorry.

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Published: 18 August 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

I am an engineer and currently took a break from my work and spend my time making my health better again. I had many problems such as backaches, migraine, and sensitive teeth. Whenever I had something cold or hot my teeth used to hurt. I got annoyed by this problem so I decided to get myself checked up by a dentist. After searching online and offline I decided to go to Dr. Sharon J Lee, her clinic was just a 10-minute walk away from my house. So I didn’t think much and decided to make an appointment over a phone call. I ringed the clinic but was hanged up. I tried it for 5-6 times and finally had a talk with the receptionist and book an appointment for the next day. I reached the clinic before time and because of the humid weather, I felt very thirsty. I requested the staff for a glass of water but after 5 minutes they told me that there is no water available. I had to go out and fetch a bottle of packed water. I came back to the clinic and it was about more than half an hour when I was called upon by the doctor. He seemed to be in a hurry, therefore, he checked my teeth hesitantly and made me a prescription in just 5 minutes. I then tried to explain to him about the problem that I was having but he was not ready to listen to me. He interrupted me by ordering me to follow the medicine and come back next week then he would talk about the problem. I had to do the same because he was superior to me out here. I came back to the clinic right after a week and this time I was just on time but still, it was of no use because I was still kept waited for half an hour and this time I carried a bottle of my own. The doctor was ready with his instrument and he initiated the treatment without even making the affected area numb. I approached him to do the same but he scolded me and told me that he was the doctor here and doesn’t need to be instructed. Then he used the scaler instrument to clean my teeth but it seemed to be out of use from years. The instrument was a bit rusty too and also used to make strange noises if it worked continuously for 2 minutes. The doctor had to charge the instrument again and again after two minutes. This was really disgusting and irritating. He was an inexperienced doctor because he didn’t use the machine properly and it touched my gums very frequently. The touch used to be very hot and sometimes unbearable. Whenever I became restless the doctor scolded me and made me realize that it was my fault all the time. Finally, the treatment was done and I made sure that I would never ever come to this clinic again. The doctor was inexperienced and careless at the same time.

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