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Simon Ourian fleecing patients since forever!

Oh yeah! This doctor (Simon Ourian) just hit a home run by fixing the Kardashians’ teeth and he’s been fleecing the rest of us like since forever! You know, I went for Botox treatment at Epione. I admit I was influenced by the fact that Dr. Simon Ourian was a celebrity plastic surgeon and had so many cool clients. I thought he would be good. I was sold into a facelift for one hour that cost $14, 000 with the radiance filler. Yet, this DID NOT work at all! The cool blue laser is used without any protection whatsoever and goes right over the eyelids.

I felt like a fool signing the contract since nothing really worked. The radiance is now lumpy and is sliding down or so it seems. Now these guys tell me it will go on for 3-7 years until it turns into tissue! The cool blue laser treatment made my eyes droopy for several weeks not to mention the fear I had to go through. It is really painful as well. I would like people to really avoid this celebrity dentist’s practice. He does not care for commoners like us and yes, most of the treatments don’t work!

I also went on https://dirtyscam.com/reviews/simon-ourian-md/ where another patient clearly stated that the doctor was never around and even 20% improvement was guaranteed with Coolaser at a fee of $7, 000. However no results were there and this is the same thing that happened with me. This patient did not even get a full refund as promised earlier by the doctor. Even https://graziadaily.co.uk/beauty-hair/skin/dr-simon-ourian-kardashian-doctor/ states how Dr. Ourian was under supervision in 2009 for a period of 5 years after admitting to repeated negligence and the keeping of inadequate patient records. Sadly, most people keep falling prey to these fraudulent doctors who are inefficient and only know how to wrangle money out of their clients.


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