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Its a total waste of time and money.

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Published: 11 July 2019

Posted by: Alexys

Do not go to Dr. Sina Edalat. I had nothing but problems from day 1 with every crown that doctor made. The doctor tried to cover up imperfections and after expressing my concerns about the quality. They tried to assure me that they were fine. But they have poor margin lines and the crowns haven’t been sealed. Since then I am having a lot of issues with the 5 crowns I had done at West Coast dental clinic. I am having a significant bite issue, making it difficult to chew, I cannot floss between two teeth and I believe that my front teeth crowns are loose or poorly fitted. The edges of the backside of my crowns have poor margin lines, I can feel every single edge of each tooth because they do not align with the gum line which makes them uncomfortable but also prone to tooth decay. I have constant gum inflammation and the food is getting trapped between the edges of my crown and teeth. They have an open margin and most of the times I have saliva entering my front teeth. Any type of gap between the crowns will allow bacteria and saliva inside the crown and allow tooth decay to my natural teeth underneath and infection.

Most of all I am upset that none of my crowns have sealed margins, I will update more after my dental appointment but I am extremely upset with the quality of my dental work and believe me, I think that each crown needs to be fixed and redone because they have been poorly made, poorly fitted and are causing me trouble in biting. The employees of Edalat’s clinic don’t treat their patients with care. They gossip about the patient and try to humiliate them by any means possible. It was a big mistake to go to Dr.Sina Edalat’s clinic. I would advise each and every one of you to go to any other dental clinic other than West Coast Dental and Orthodontics in North Hills.

The doctor is an inexperienced doctor as he always tries to cover up his mistakes. He has done nothing right yet and also now my facial structure looks worse because of his treatment. Instead of shaping both my frontal teeth he made them bigger and it was looking very ugly because of the extra cut he made to level them up. His behavior is also very strange because at one moment he is good with a jolly mind while the other when I ask him questions he starts scolding me as if he doesn’t have any answer to give at the moment. Such behavior of a dentist cannot be tolerated because a patient will always feel uncomfortable if the doctor does not communicate properly. This has always been an issue of doctors which needs to be fixed, they always think in a superior way and try to dominate us by scolding us. I would request you all not to go to Edalat’s clinic!

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