Dr. Slava Fuzayloff DO

He is a careless idiot. I don’t think anyone should go here!

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Published: 20 June 2019

Posted by: Paul

Dr. Slava Fuzayloff is a lying bastard. I know that because I’ve faced the consequences of his lies. I had visited his clinic to get my cardiovascular health checked. He said everything was fine. I was undergoing treatment under him and I didn’t think he’d be this foolish. He is a stupid idiot who doesn’t know anything about his profession. I’ve had the problem of hypertension before but Dr. Slava never took it seriously. He thought I was a normal patient with no serious issues. He failed to treat my problem of hypertension and I ended up getting a heart attack a few weeks ago. I was taken into the emergency ward. I could’ve died but I didn’t thank God.

I was in constant touch with this guy. He was overseeing my treatment. He was giving me medication and I was following all the guidelines he had given to me. He creates huge bills for you to pay but he doesn’t take responsibility for any messes he creates. I know he is a terrible doctor. The way he responded to the news of my heart attack was disappointing too. He just put the blame on me and told me that I was responsible for what I was going through. I know that I’m the one to blame but what about the weeks of his treatment and his assurance that he’ll get me better? I didn’t get any better even after visiting his clinic regularly for months. I didn’t see any improvements in my problem of hypertension. I’ve been exercising and I’ve been taking the medication he gave me. I’m even following the diet he recommended me. Just recently, I also found out why I wasn’t seeing much improvement in my condition. The medication he prescribed me isn’t for cardiovascular health. It’s not for the heart! He has only given me medicine for the migraines I get once in a while. He didn’t even bother to prescribe me anything for my heart condition. It was the heart attack I’ve ever had. I’m now scared about my life but I’m pretty sure that if I had stayed in touch with a more competent and responsible doctor, I wouldn’t have faced such problems. The way he shrugged off the issue and told me that I was responsible for my heart attack was really disappointing. He thinks he’s unapproachable and untouchable. but he’s deadly wrong. He was just eating up my money and providing me with no value. I don’t think he’s a reliable doctor. Some might say that I’m just mad at him because of my heart attack. And that’s true. But you should understand that I was seeing that guy for months. He was responsible for my entire treatment. And he didn’t even prescribe me with heart medicine. He hadn’t even considered the effect of hypertension on my heart. Avoid that guy at all costs. You’d be safe if you don’t see that guy at all.

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