Dr. Stephen H. Dunn

It’s a hellhole, not a dental clinic!

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Published: 31 May 2019

Posted by: Isabelle

Keep your distance and say away from them. You’d be much safer and better when you’ll keep a distance from these guys. With Dr. Stephen Dunn, expect to lose a bunch of teeth or the simple sensation of taste. I’ve had a terrible experience at this clinic and now I’m certain that it’s run by a bunch of pathetic, mentally depraved psychotics. Dr. Dunn damaged one the nerves in my teeth and now I remain in constant pain. That guy is careless, irresponsible and incompetent. He doesn’t know what to do and how to do that. His staff supports him all the time and he is so arrogant that he never even accepts his fault. According to him, everything is the fault of the patient. Your teeth look bad? Your fault. Does your jaw hurt? Your fault. You can’t taste anything? Your fault.

Dr. Dunn is a negligent expert who shouldn’t be allowed to run a clinic. He should be thrown in jail and along with him, his office staff should be thrown in there too. I had visited his clinic for a number of times it was for routine checkups and all. I didn’t know that he was a terrible dentist. I had heard about him online and there wasn’t any trace of him being a terrible dentist. He must have hired some good marketers, otherwise, his online reputation would be of a scumbag and not of a dentist.

Anyway, that bastard told me that I needed to get a root canal in one of my teeth. I agreed for the procedure but I have a big fear of needles so I told him that I’ll need to be sedated for the procedure. He was quite glad about this choice. He did the procedure and everything was well, but that’s what I thought. When the numbness went away, I felt a strong pain in my gums. I can’t explain how painful that moment was. After a few days, I had to go to another clinic to find out what the hell was going in my mouth. There, I found out that this stupid little bastard had done a negligent procedure on me. He had disturbed one of my nerves while doing the root canal and in that process, he had damaged it as well. A damaged nerve causes a lot of pain. And it costs a lot of money for the treatment too. I’m undergoing the treatment for that messed up the root canal. That nerve damage has affected my ability to taste food too. But thank God it isn’t much. I’m lucky that I can still taste the food. As for Dr. Dunn, I contacted him later to tell him about this ordeal. He just denied any part in this process. When I visited his clinic, his staff told me to go away as if I was some kind of maniac or something. Dr. Dunn is a horrible dentist and I don’t think anyone should risk their health by visiting his clinic.

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