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Published: 12 November 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

My mother had been a regular customer of Dr. Stephen Sinatra and had been ordering through his online website. But let me tell you one thing his online products are useless and pathetic. My mother wasted her money by choosing to buy from his website. His online system is of no use and a complete waste. My mom had to go through a lot of incidents where she had to cancel and reorder the products. She always used to get wrong shipments and unscheduled delivery. So guys, be alert from this doctor who sells products which have no benefit for the customer. He improperly handles the shipment and when the customers have any queries his support team doesn\’t answer on time. We can\’t trust him if he keeps on repeating mistakes by sending an incorrect order. It is a waste of time and money. Oh, and another thing, if you order from his website then it takes more than a week to get delivered at your place. One day my mom had ordered a product which she needed urgently. The product took more than a month to deliver at our place. He is very careless and doesn\’t think about his customers. My mom has gone through a lot and being a calm lady, she tried to handle this situation patiently. When she ordered a product last time, they auto shipped the product and withdraw the amount from the bank which had zero balance. This auto ship was done without any notice and when my mom came to know about the situation, then she lost it. She had to overdraw with the bank.

She tried to reach them to talk about this issue through a recorded message but the queue was very big. My mom had to take so many leaves from her office to find a solution to this problem. When she was about to disconnect her phone a person picked up the phone from the other end. He said sorry for the inconvenience my mother had to face. The customer service guy tried apologizing, but that wasn\’t going to solve the problem. It wasn\’t helping the situation at all. She asked him to connect her with someone who was controlling this matter. He said he will bring his manager over the phone and told my mom to hold the call. As he went to bring his manager, the line got disconnected. My mother lost her calm when he didn\’t call her back. She again had to wait in a long queue over the phone. This time, some other customer service guy picked up the call. She was very frustrated at that moment. She had to explain every detail from the scratch to this agent. The guy on the other call was a good listener who tried to understand the matter. He connected my mom to another person and tried to offer her 50 percent refund of the amount. He also asked her to ship back the product. My mom didn\’t expect this from them. Firstly, they didn\’t inform on prior basis about the shipping and deducted the amount from her bank account. Then secondly, they are asking to return the package and after an overdraw, they were offering her 50% of the amount. This was totally wrong and inconvenient.

My mother asked him to place a better deal but they completely refused to make another offer. So she accepted the offer because something is better than nothing. She kept on checking her mail inbox and spam messages, but she didn\’t get a single email from them stating any refund. She never received any mail and leave the complete amount, she didn\’t even get 50 percent which the agent had promised her. She knew they won\’t refund the money unless the package is returned to the store. There was no other option so she followed their instructions. She shipped back the package to them and had to wait for them to refund the money. She also had to go through various follow-ups to get the refund. We tried to report the problem to the auto shipping many times, but we had to go through several calls to correct the order details. We were fed up with their made up excuses, and decided to cancel the subscription with this company. We are very unhappy with his service, and I will advise you all to stop using his products if you are going through the same situation. He should learn his lessons. My mom has stopped using the products she used to love, and it is all because of this pathetic store. They have very irresponsible behavior towards the customers\’ orders and queries. Stay away from Dr. Sinatra and his useless store.

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