Dr. Theresa A. Mack MD

Don’t visit this doctor!! She is a scammer.

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Published: 20 June 2019

Posted by: Houston

She is robbing people blind through useless appointments. She doesn’t get many patients so she tries to squeeze out as much money as possible from her few patients. Dr. Theresa is a greedy monster. She lies to you, she tells you fake stories and she does all that just so she can get more money out of you. I’ve spent a lot of money because of this idiot. And I don’t have good financial health now. It took me a while to realize that she is nothing but a scammer. If I had found that out before getting in contact with her, I wouldn’t have spent so much money and time. I’d have been better off, no doubt. I had visited this doctor because of some pain in my abdomen. She told me to get checked for kidney stones and I found out that I had stones. I got treated for the same, and now I’m healthy. But because I had visited her clinic when I was sick, she told me to visit her clinic on a weekly basis so she can take care of my health properly in her words. I thought she was a really caring and responsible doctor but she wasn’t. Those visits were wasteful and nothing else. After visiting her clinic for 3 months, I began to realize that she just tells me to get a checkup done every now and then. She was telling me to undergo useless tests which weren’t giving any useful data. She was just thinking of new ways of sucking the money out of me. I was spending a good deal of my money on that idiot’s clinic for no particular reason.

She is a doctor of internal medicine so all she does is make conjectures about the patients’ health. She makes you go through multiple tests on different days so she can charge you separately for each of them. She sets too many appointments as well. She’ll tell you to visit her weekly so she can close eye on your health. While it might seem like a great thing, it doesn’t make any sense when you’re perfectly healthy. Not only does she waste your money but she wastes your time as well. She tells you to visit her clinic per week so she can charge you for each one of them. You’d pay for every visit and as a result, she’d be making a lot of money. I haven’t visited her clinic after I realized what a big scam she was. I’m now looking for another doctor. I’m pretty sure there are plenty of other physicians. And I’m more than certain that there must be an honest and caring doctor out there. Dr. Theresa is clearly a selfish idiot. She thinks it’s okay to lie to patients. Don’t visit her clinic. Avoid that doctor at all costs. Go someplace else where you wouldn’t have to undergo useless tests just because your doctor wants the money.

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