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I would not want another living soul to suffer the way I am suffering. 

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Published: 06 August 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

Being a corporate employee, I hardly had time for an appointment with a dentist just because of teeth sensitivity. I thought that using ‘Toothpaste for sensitivity’ would be enough but it was not. I realized what a mistake I had made by not going to a dentist sooner and so I decided not to procrastinate the inevitable visit and started looking for a good dentist nearby. After reading reviews written online, I decided to go to Thomas B. Evers. After scheduling an appointment, I went there a bit early so as not to miss the appointment. Although the doctor was in her cabin, I was told to wait for some time as ‘she was not ready yet’. After half an hour, I was told to go into her cabin.
After I told her my problem, her first question was why I did not come sooner and to that, I had no reply. I just gave a vague, nervous smile which she found offensive as she thought I was making fun of her concerned behavior. I got to listen to a lecture about how one should not be always making fun of other people. Then she told me that I would need to undergo Root Canal Surgery as there was a dental abscess present. She wrote down a list of medicines which would help ease the sensitivity. The next appointment was scheduled two weeks later.
After two weeks, I went to her clinic and waited for her as she was still not ready. After some time, I went in. She took an X-Ray of the affected area and told me that it was going to hurt. I don’t think doctors are supposed to tell you that. Then the process started. My doctor chose not to use Anesthesia because the nerve was dead. She removed the dead pulp and nerve successfully. It hurt as the nerve was not dead. The doctor realized it while she was operating. It was impossible to bear the pain and tears started coming out of my eyes. She did not bother stopping or wiping those tears and continued with the procedure. Then came the cleaning part. While cleaning, one of her instruments’ sharp end hit my gum and it felt deadly. I am still at a loss of words. I could not take it anymore and told her to stop. After she stopped, she unlocked her cellphone and started texting, not even being the least bit concerned about the fact that her patient is in a tremendous amount of pain. After some time she came back and started the sealing, ignoring the last bit of cleaning that was left. She sealed it and told me it was done. She told me that it would take time for it to heal and there may be some complications. I could not believe my ears. All I could do then was storm out of there.
It has been 2 weeks now and the pain has still to cease to exist. Lack of compassion, professionalism, etiquettes would be how I would describe Dr. Thomas B. Evers. Going to her would be your biggest mistake ever.

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