Dr. Thomas Michael Heric

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Radiologist Dr. Thomas Michael Heric held in medicare fraud

The Medical board of California took action against Dr. Thomas Heric and asked him to surrender his New York medical license.

Radiologist has been indicted for committing Medicare Fraud— Dr. Thomas Michael Heric, 74 years of age, Malibu, is a neurologist doctor who worked for Hoffman at BSMC. He is charged with one felony count of aiding and abetting the unauthorized practice of medicine and 296 counts of insurance fraud committed over a substantial period of time. If convicted in the case, he will have to face a sentence ranging from two years to up to 315 years and eight months in state prison. Heric is presently out of custody on $500,000 bail. Since he was convicted in 2008 felony federal Medicare and Medi-Cal fraud, his medical license was suspended by the Board for 60 days.

The insurance industry had to bear an estimated loss of 20 million dollars because of Dr. Thomas Heric and Dr. Sim Hoffman’s practice.

FIVE causes for discipline were listed in the complaint presented by the California Medical Board:

1. Conviction of a Crime for Acts Occuring in 2001: False statements were made in connection with applications for Medicare which resulted in M/M programs wrongfully paying about $50,000. He was charged with making false statements relating to healthcare fraud, which is a felony, and aiding and abetting, which is another felony. He plead guilty for making false statements and was sentenced to probation for 36 months. Restitution of $50,000 was posted for him.
2. False or Fraudulent Insurance Claims for Acts Occuring in 2005: Heric engaged in unprofessional conduct by committing insurance fraud, so he is subjected to disciplinary action in the same.
3. Making or Signing False Documents: Heric knowingly signed documents directly/ indirectly in relation to the practice of medicine which falsely represented the existence/ nonexistence of a state of facts.
4. Commission of Dishonest Acts: Heric is subject to disciplinary action as he committed dishonest acts stated above.
5. Unprofessional Conduct: Heric is subject to disciplinary action as he engaged in unprofessional conduct.

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