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Not the good old friendly doctor he’s often made out to be

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Published: 04 July 2019

Posted by: Dr. Eric Cole

Dr. Timothy M. Talbert graduated from the University Of Tennessee Health Science Centre College Of Medicine as per several reports. He reportedly works at Chattanooga, TN and has special expertise in Internal Medicine and Cardiovascular Diseases. He is also affiliated to the Parkride East Hospital and possesses a whopping 31 years of experience. Sounds wonderful don’t you think? An experienced, qualified doctor who will always take care of his patients and make them feel cared for? He sits at Diagnostic Cardiology Group, 2341 McCallie Ave Plz 3 Ste 200, Chattanooga, TN 37404. 

In reality, doctors are not often as saintly as they are made out to be and this can be quite dangerous for most patients. These are usually people who put their trust in their beloved doctors and look at the consequences that they end up facing! These are horrendous situations and a similar one was faced by my friend while dealing with Timothy M. Talbert who claims to be a good doctor and calls himself a qualified and skilled medical practitioner. In fact, everywhere you will find good reviews of him online (no doubt paid for or done personally courtesy links with the right people and sites), not a false review or a blemish anywhere that you will ever come across. This can be suspicious especially if you’re a person like me but anyway, I did not really think of such things when my friend suggested that he consult this doctor at the address details mentioned above in order to get proper treatment and medical advice after he had a minor stroke sometime earlier. 

We thought that Dr. Talbert would be a responsible person and doctor who would put the patient above his own selfish needs. However, we turned out to be absolutely wrong. Dr. Talbert, in the experience of my friend, turned out to be a horrendously selfish person who did not really care what had happened to him. Instead of prescribing the right medication and care, he simply was interested in getting my friend on the payroll. In fact, most of the times, he was not there whenever my friend turned up for his appointments. The receptionists and other practitioners would put up with his condescending attitude and absence as if he was God’s gift to mankind. 

My friend felt cheated after paying a good price for treatment and consultation with Dr. Timothy M. Talbert. He even doubted whether the doctor does justice to his MD degree at all. The good doctor was even rude and snapped at my friend many times when he asked a few questions. He was referred to some other doctor but chose this individual going by excellent reviews on the internet which seemed genuine at the time but it now looks as if he was absolutely fooled, hook, line and sinker! Dr. Talbert even prescribed medicines casually and later on, another doctor told my friend that he was taking the wrong medicines which did nothing to impact his heart health and in fact worsened his anxiety and stress levels. This was really unfair to my friend who did not at all get the treatment that he wanted or deserved. In fact, if you search on the internet for scams or controversies or even complaint surrounding the man, you will find a few search results. Click on them and bam! The web page miraculously seems to be empty so this guy does a great job of covering his tracks. 

Most people do not have the courage to speak out against him I feel and there are people he clearly has who make sure that they wipe out all traces of any negative reviews or complaint against him. This is what misleads people like my friend who was truly taken in by the seemingly positive reviews written about this doctor who seems to not only be a negligent practitioner but also a cruel human being who does not really care, in the words of my friend. He has suffered a lot after putting his life on hold for the doctor who could not even care enough to be present most of the time. Now, he has had to take treatment from another doctor and also learnt that he was taking the wrong course of treatment all along. This has wiped out his own self confidence and he now knows that he cannot trust any doctor anymore. My friend’s sole wish is to make sure now that other people do not fall into the trap laid by such practitioners who are only interested in making money and are not interested in providing proper treatment at all. As a result, he has asked me to share this complaint and ensure that other people also learn about it. However, it’s not just one isolated instance relating to my friend that you may be thinking about; there are tons of other such horror stories relating to this doctor and many of them have been concealed online cleverly as I think so myself. Clearly, this is not the good old saintly doctor that you make him out to be most of the time. 


Dr. Timothy M. Talbert, MD- Questions have been raised about his sense of integrity and ethics

In fact, you will be surprised to know as you click here- http://www.circare.org/fdawls3/talbert_20030317.pdf, that Dr. Timothy M. Talbert has previously been found guilty of wrongdoing and by a federal agency nonetheless. Sometime earlier, the doctor was issued a warning by the Department of Health & Human Services, Public Health Service, Food and Drug Administration Centre (FDA). The letter, as you will see, clearly states that Dr. Talbert was warned after an inspection by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) at his clinical site. The letter sought a fast response and also highlighted multiple deviations as you will read about. The inspection was held from the 6th to the 16th of May in the year 2002 (so just imagine how the doctor’s stuck around till then and harmed several people in the bargain). 

The investigation was conducted by Ms. Pamela M. Thomas, the New Orleans District Office (FDA) investigator. The investigation was sparked by the fact that there is a program tailored to make sure that all information comprised in the IDE (Investigational Device Exemptions) requests, Premarket Notification (51 O(k)) submissions and PMA (Premarket Approval) applications remain scientifically accurate and valid. The program ensures that human subjects remain safeguarded from any risk/hazard during scientific procedures and investigations. 

The inspection report was subsequently prepared by the district office and this threw up major violations- Title 21, CFR (Code of Federal Regulations), Part 812- Investigational Device Exemptions, Part 50-Protection of Human Subjects, and Section 520 (g) of the Act. The doctor got a Form FDA-483 titled Inspectional Observations as per the website at the time of the conclusion of the entire inspection which had all the deviations listed out and a discussion was also held. The doctor later responded as well to the director of the Nashville Branch, Howard Lewis, under the aegis of the New Orleans District Office on the 10th of June, 2002. 

Some of the key deviations included the failure to report any deaths/bad effects of devices that were unexpected timely to sponsors and to the IRB. The doctor did not report within the requisite time period, to the sponsor or IRB, the pneumothorax fibrillation which necessitated cardioversion and also report the pacemaker placement in a timely manner for treatment of the ventricular needed. This was not reported to the sponsor or IRB on time. The reporting has to be done within 24 hours but the doctor did not do so. Also, there was a severe failure inherent in not getting the dated and signed study covering consent documents from all subjects before they took part in scientific procedures. 

This just goes to show that for his own gain, the doctor may have involved several unsuspecting people in scientific and medical experiments without even taking the legal route towards obtaining their consent and getting regulatory authorities involved. These experiments and procedures may have resulted in death or tremendous harmful effects, none of which were reported in a timely manner as per the warning issued by the Government. The doctor did not adhere to one single rule of legal consent as you will find out from the link. Also, there was no proper monitoring executed on the subjects and no proper and current subject records were maintained at his clinical site as well which goes to show how inefficient and shady that entire facility is. The logs and everything else was not given by the doctor for examination by the authorities and experts. Being a clinical investigator, the doctor was supposed to adhere to several key regulations and he apparently violated each of them. The response contained information on addressing these issues but this was not conclusive and no steps were specified, leaving authorities in a vague conundrum. The doctor did not even properly understand the requirements as clearly spelled out by the authorities in this letter. 

The physical security of the subject is another aspect where the doctor has been found wanting or simply uncaring, whichever way you take it. In short, Dr. Talbert did not even take the government organization’s directive seriously. It cannot be ascertained how many unsuspecting people he has used as guinea pigs for medical experiments and scientific/clinical investigations minus their consent and also without adhering to any legal guidelines and other regulations and also not keeping any records of the same. There have been allegations made against the doctor for financial impractices as well which may also have been possible. 

In fact, another complaint was posted by a patient of the doctor who talked about the doctor’s God-like attitude at all times and how the doctor scared he/she into agreeing into a medical procedure that he/she did not desire at all. This is perhaps similar to the experience undergone by my friend, the same fear instilled to make him bend to the doctor’s will. I think it is about time that such people get apt punishment for their wrongdoing and this should also set an example for others in the medical fraternity so that they do not misuse their authority over patients and subject them to unnecessary and hurtful medical treatments. 

I think there should be strict background verification conducted by the authorities in order to ascertain that doctors are properly regulated and conduct medical procedures in a proper manner so that no one is harmed. Dr. Timothy M. Talbert and others of his ilk should get strict punishment and others should beware of going to such doctors who are not trustworthy at all and even careless at times. 


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