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This guy has ruined my face!

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Published: 15 July 2019

Posted by: Christy

If you don’t want to read the whole thing and are just doing quick research then just DON’T GO TO DR. TODD B. KOCH’s office! He is the worst cosmetic surgeon in the area. He is simply unskilled however that would be an understatement in his case. I waited and waited before I sat down to write this review as I wasn’t able to recover from the mental trauma. Even as I am writing this right now I am feeling my heart beating faster than usual. I want to show the real face of Dr Todd B. Koch to the people in my area and warn them so that they don’t end up making the mistakes I did. Please don’t ruin your life by going to Dr Todd B. Koch!

I always felt that my jaw was a little big than I would want it to be however I never thought about getting a jaw reduction surgery. However, one of my colleagues told me about Dr Koch and how he can help me look the way I want to. Now that I think of it, I am pretty sure that he was some kind of affiliate of Dr Koch because he seemed to know a lot about Koch’s methods. I went to Dr Koch’s office to talk about the surgery and he told me that in this surgery he will shave a part of my jaw bone and that will result in a slimmer and sexier face. IT sounded really embracing, my biggest insecurity was the width of my jaws which were totally out of proportion to my face. If the doctor is an expert and experienced, then this surgery is not much of a difficult task, it is similar to getting a breast implant or rhinoplasty. However, this is the point where things went south. I will simply summarize the whole thing in a single paragraph. I was thinking of getting this surgery done in Korea as there are many skilled cosmetic surgeons there. It is a common procedure that hundreds of people get done in Korea, so it would have been my best bet to go there for getting it done, however, Dr Koch also did it and his office was only a few miles away from my location. Now I do realize that I shouldn’t have been lazy about it and trusted my instincts. Dr Koch claimed that he has done this surgery in past and it will be a “piece of cake” for him. I stupidly believed him and got the surgery done

Now I have uneven jaws, the left area of my jaw has a little dip because Dr Koch cut too much there. I don’t understand how a professional cosmetic surgeon can mess such a thing so badly. He has damaged some kind of never near my right chin which has caused permanent numbness in that area. I would advise everyone to stay away from him.

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