Dr. Vijeyta Bhatia, DDS

All she cares about is the money you have in your pocket!

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Published: 01 June 2019

Posted by: Clayton

DO NOT VISIT THIS CLINIC!! If you care about your teeth and your dental health, then please stay away from this monster. She is a crappy dentist who is too careless and self-absorbed. She doesn’t care about her patients, no. Her clinic provides you with plenty of services but I don’t think any of them are safe. Dr. Vijeyta Bhatia claims to be an experienced and expert professional but she doesn’t know anything about performing dental procedures. She ruined my smile completely. I had visited her clinic to get dental fillings. When she took a look at my teeth, she told me that instead of getting dental fillings, I should get dental crowns. If you don’t know, dental crowns or caps, cost considerably more than dental fillings. Obviously, I didn’t want to get this procedure done beforehand. But then she gave me a long lecture on why it’s important for me to invest in dental crowns and get them installed in my teeth. She talked me into getting dental crowns. I was foolish to trust that monster. I got 2 dental crowns installed in my mouth. These procedures cost me $2000. I paid through my insurance but still, it was a huge expense for me. But that’s not even the worst part of this entire ordeal. The worst thing is, SHE DIDN’T EVEN INSTALL THE DENTAL CROWNS PROPERLY. That careless dentist didn’t seal both of those crowns properly. And as a result of her terrible installation of a dental crown, I got an infection in my teeth. I used to remain in a lot of pain after getting those dental crowns.

I was doubtful about her services already. But the pain had made me more concerned that she had messed up my treatment. I contacted her after a few days and told her about the constant pain I faced. She told me that I should focus on other things and that the pain was natural. She told me to relax and stop worrying about the constant toothache I was facing. The pain was unbearable and it had made eating, torture for me. Eventually, I gave in and visited some other dentist to get a second opinion. This other dentist checked my teeth and quickly told me that my crowns weren’t sealed properly. Because of those crowns, I was facing a lot of pain in my teeth and even normal activities had become torturous for me. I’m getting treated for the infection caused by those open crowns. After I found out about this horrible mistake, I visited the clinic of Dr. Bhatia and asked for a refund. She had obviously failed in providing me with normal treatment and so I had all the rights to ask for a refund. She told me that she doesn’t give refunds but if I want, she can treat my teeth further. She was trying to talk me into getting my teeth treated from her. But I’m not going back to her clinic again.

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