Dr. Vladimir Grigoryants MD

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Dr. Vladimir Grigoryants Botched Nose Patient

Dr. Vladimir Grigoryants Botched Nose Patient

I have the most awful Rhinoplasty surgery experience from this supposedly board certified rhinoplasty specialist or God. I would give anything to not have had this surgery with Dr. Grigoryants. He has destroyed my life. I had my primary rhinoplasty procedure with him and have had non-stop problems with my nose after having my surgery. My surgery was very simple and was not a complicated case but I ended up disabled after having a surgery with Dr. Grigoryants. The only reason why I chose him over others is because he had really nice looking before and after photos and many positive reviews describing him as a true-artist. I should have know better. He was supposed to fix my deviated septum instead of fixing it he wrote in my operative report that my septum was straight. After my rhinoplasty I was not able to breathe and started to experience constant nose bleeds, post nasal drip and problems with my ear and eustachian tubes. My hearing also got worse due to the Eustachian tube function issues after having my rhinoplasty. Before having my rhinoplasty I had no sinus issues whatsoever, or eustachian tube problems. My nose function was good and I was completely healthy. Dr. Grigoryants took a lot of tissue and cartilage out from my nose that my nose collapsed after having a primary surgery with him. I have internal and external valve collapse after having my nose done by him. I have had to see a lot of rhinoplasty and ENT doctors who truly felt sorry for me and thought that a student or some novice doctor performed my surgery. Some of the doctors that I visited spend over an hour with me listening to my concerns trying to advice and assist me. My own doctor on the other hand can care less that I am disabled due to his incompetence. To make matters worse when I left a review my review kept getting flagged along with my pictures and I kept getting untasteful and harassing messages accusing me of being a competitor and not a real patient. Dr. Grigoryants left a bone spur on my nose bridge and told me he will shave it off in his with a numbing cream. A year later when he tried to shave off the spur he caused additional issues and damaged my supraorbital and supratrochlear nerves. Due to the nerve damage, I experience nerve pain in addition to sinus, and breathing problems that he attributed. I have since learned that I am not the only patient with such bad results and breathing problems. When I complaint I was offered to sign a form in exchange for a refund under a condition that I will not be able to speak publicly about my experience. My heart is mourning and I do not know how to describe this experience or misery that this Dr. has caused.

This is a really personal experience but I do not want the next 20 some year old to go through a similar experience. It is important that a doctor that you choose knows the nose inside out and has a really good understanding of Anatomy and how the nose and the surrounding structures operate. I recently learned that Dr. Grigoryants cut my septi depressor muscle and I have been having issues with my mouth and lip function as well. I have not been able to get the right type of help because most doctors depend on operative reports and when the reports do not contain the right information and are falsified the makes it really complicated for the next doctor. A nose Is important for appearance but it is not just for vanity and had an important function. I got neither a good nose or better breathing but ended up with a disability. What I got instead is a botched nose, breathing problems, mouth disability, nerve damage and nose collapse to name a few. Every statement written represents my true experience. I hope that I will help someone my sharing my personal story .


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