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I was shocked to find out that he slapped my kid.

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Published: 26 June 2019

Posted by: Shelby

I had taken my child to the clinic of Dr Warren Brill for a simple dental check-up. I used to take my child to another pediatric dentist but he retired so I chose to take my kid to this guy’s clinic. He shouldn’t be a paediatric dentist at all. The way he handles children is no way a dentist should behave. He is careless and has anger management issues. He has no idea how one should talk to children or how one should behave with them. He slaps kids to discipline them. He slapped my kid!!! His clinic is an unsafe place and it’s certainly not a good place to take your kid to.

He threatened my kid that if he’ll make any noise he’ll slap him further. What kind of dentist does that? That’s irresponsible behaviour!! I was seriously mad at the staff of the place when I found out about their horrible treatment. I didn’t find out about this activity until I took my kid to my house. He started crying and saying that he’s afraid of Dr Brill and doesn’t want to go back to that place again. I asked him why and he wouldn’t say so. I had to ask him multiple times, which is unusual behaviour. He told me the next day. He went to sleep early, he didn’t eat and he was really petrified. I was scared as to what happened there because I hadn’t seen my kid behave this way ever before. I thought he had gotten sick. But the next morning he told me that Dr Brill had slapped him for being a ‘bad boy’. He also told me that Dr Brill had told me that he’d slap him again if he’d make noise. And after telling me about this ordeal, he started crying. Like I said, I was shocked. I didn’t think Dr. Brill would be so terrible at his job. If he can’t behave with kids properly, then how is he running a paediatric clinic? How could he?!

From the website and from the online reputation of the place, I had developed the notion that he was a reliable and professional dentist. I clearly made a huge mistake. I was mad at them and so, I went to them right after finding out about the horrible incident. Dr Brill and his staff denied any behaviour of that sort. He told me that my son must be lying because he was misbehaving in the room. I told him that if my son was really misbehaving then he could’ve told me. According to their policies, parents aren’t allowed to enter the dentist’s room with the kid. The kid goes there alone. All I know is that my son couldn’t be lying to me about this horrible experience. The way he was crying and the way he was behaving after our visit to Dr Warren Brill’s clinic, it’s clear to me that Dr Brill doesn’t know how to handle kids. It’s an unsafe place.

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