Dr. Warren Zager

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Dr. Warren Zager must pay compensation for medical negligenc

Jacqueline DiTore, a patient who had undergone surgery at Abington Surgical Centre, Pennsylvania, claimed compensation. She had gone into cardiac arrest because of medical negligence on the part of. Dr. Warren Zager. Zager was supposed to use cotton balls soaked in Afrin to control bleeding during the surgical procedure. The nurse assisting him poured it into an unmarked cup, after which a second nurse mistakenly assumed it to be lidocaine. She took it in a syringe and handed it to the doctor.
The error was discovered soon, when Jacqueline’s heart rate dropped to 36. A 100 fold increase in vasoconstrictivity is observed when 7 cc of Afrin is injected into the body, according to experts. But Zager did not know this. He went on with the surgery, and her heart rate went up to 140. Labetalol was given at this point, following which her heart rate bottomed out and she went into cardiac arrest. She had to be rushed to the Abington Memorial Hospital in order to get resuscitated.
She now has problems with her speech, memory and vision, besides showing impaired cognitive abilities. These effects are directly because of the brain damage she suffered during the cardiac arrest.
The Montgomery County Court jury has asked Dr. Zager to pay 38.5% of the $5.1 million compensation, while Abington Surgical Centre will have to pay 61.5%.

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