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Outlier doctors have been gaming the system.

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Published: 16 July 2019

Posted by: Carolina

Most doctors truly put patients’ care first, before profit. But, there are a few who inappropriately use their medical degrees for profit. Just look at Dr. Wayne S. True who is trying to get rich by promoting weight loss products which he doesn’t know how to work. These doctors make us all look bad. Dr. Wayne is an example of such doctors who is always ready to make a profit in his work no matter if it pleases the patient or not.

I was fooled by the website of this guy. I thought he was a reputed and trustworthy doctor but he doesn’t even get any patients. His people made an appointment at such a time that his clinic wasn’t even open then. I had to wait outside the clinic and wait for the doctor to arrive himself. Would you like to stand on the walkway for an hour just to get a simple meeting with a doctor you know nothing about? Even if you want to, don’t make this mistake. I made this mistake and I know that it’s not worth the wait or the effort. Dr. Wayne’s clinic is a mess too. When I entered the place, it was filled with leaks and crap. I felt like I would vomit.

Dr. Wayne is a very inexperienced doctor who uses online techniques to cure his patient. Once I went up to him to get rid of my lower back pain. My appointment was of 8 ‘o’ clock in the morning. I was there on time, but I saw that the doctor had not arrived at his clinic yet. This made me very uneasy as the temperature outside was very hot and humid. I was sweating all over and then suddenly I took a sigh of relief when I saw that the doctor was running towards his clinic in a rush. Fortunately, I was one of his only patients to visit. I entered his clinic which was a total mess and very unclean, sewage water pipes were leaking and the floor was wet which made the place very unhygienic. The doctor made me sit on the recliner chair which was half broken. Then he cross-examined me and as soon as I told him about my problem he went blank for a while then he suddenly started surfing about the cure to this problem. This was not expected from a professional doctor to surf on the internet and help us with our problems.

He told me later that he gets a little confused about symptoms so he looks them up online. But to be honest, I didn’t expect him to look up my symptoms. I was already in a disgusting clinic and then I saw him looking up my symptoms online, I lost my cool. I left his clinic right then and I’m never going back there.

I would suggest everyone be aware of these kinds of doctors. This can be very dangerous and can risk a person’s life.

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