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Dr. Zan Benjamin – Caught for stealing

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Published: 06 August 2017

Posted by: Irene T. Crowe

This report is according to the medical board record no. A 54540. There were certain disciplinary actions that were taken, including probation, limiting the practice, etc.
Dr. Zan Benjamin was suspended after he got caught for stealing from the stores of the target and the Nordstrom Department. The doctor committed literally a gross carelessness in the treatment of her patients. There were 9 causes of action that have been mentioned below:
The first one is that a crime’s conviction is supposed to have a relation with the qualifications, duties and the functionalities of a surgeon or physician substantially.
In the month of February in 2011, the doctor pled guilty to stealing from one of the Target Stores. She was supposed to be sentenced to custody for an entire day. She assessed $190 as fine. She was also ordered for paying $100 in restitution. Moreover, she was also placed on a summary probation for thirty-six months.
After that in the month of July in 2012, the doctor also pled guilty from stealing some stuff from the store of Nordstrom Department. Dr. Zan Benjamin was sentenced to custody for ten days. Out of those ten days, she had to serve in the work release program for nine days. She had to pay a fine of $600.00. She was also ordered for paying restitution of $120.00. She was placed on summary probation for thirty-six months.
The second point in this crime’s conviction is corruption or dishonesty. The doctor lied to the medical board of California. It was the time when they asked her about any of her previous crime’s conviction. She just answered “No”.
The third point was to show gross carelessness and negligence. There are some of the further points here that include the following:
Dr. Zan Benjamin failed again and again for taking or documenting the medical history of past, the social history of patients, history of pain, etc.
She failed again and again for performing some sort of physical examination that was inappropriate.
She prescribed strong opiates to the patients again and again. This was done for treating diarrhea but it was inappropriate.
She kept on prescribing the opiates to the patients with any sort of appropriate indication medically. Even after learning about the evidence that her patient was telling and abusing the drugs and narcotics, she continued working in a similar way.
The fourth point is the act of carelessness and negligence that happened repeatedly.
The fifth point is to prescribe the drugs that are considered to be harmful without a proper and appropriate examination as well as a medical indication.
The sixth point is about the incompletion.
The seventh point is related to the failure for maintaining some accurate and suitable records.
The eighth point is an unprofessional conduct.
The ninth point is a specific action’s commission or the conduct which will have warranted a certificate’s denial.
All of these points are really important for the case with respect to different aspects.

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