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Published: 26 February 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

In 2013 I called Drain Rite Plumbing to come to my house and diagnose a long term leak I had in my bathtub. The obviously versed at manipulating plumber came out and told me that he found the problem and that I could get it covered by my homeowners insurance company and they could remodel my entire bathroom. He called my insurance company for me, said he did it all the time, and we got an insurance claim number. Next, a subcontractor, Titan Environmental, came out to my house and did an asbestos inspection. This involved demolition of half my bathroom and two visit. I signed the work order and my 14 year old daughter signed a different work order. In the mean time, my insurance company informed that my claim was not covered by insurance because it was not a sudden catastrophe, but, rather, a long term leak, which are never covered by home owners insurance and my plumber should have known that if he does this all the time. Hmmmmm. I then called Drain Rite and talked to John Opitz, owner, a very rude and obnoxious individual, and told him to stop all work because my insurance was not covering this and that why did he let me believ that it would? He then tried to instruct me on how to lie to my insurance company and got furious with me when I refused. Then, his secretary or office manager called me and asked me to pay $3000 over the phone for the work done. I told her I had never received any estimates or invoices and that I would not just give my credit card over the phone to someone with no paperwork and no agreement on my part to pay anything. John Opitz called me and yelled at me that he was out the money he had paid is people and that he would take me to court. He sued me in small claims court. When I went to the Downey courthouse, a really nice young man does the dirty work for Drain Rite. We agreed to make a settlement and I agreed to pay half. I knew that there were at least some expenses incurred by the asbestos inspection. I’m not exactly sure what the entire $3000 was for because I never saw an actual invoice. I made the guy who came sign the paperwork stating that I would not be sued again by anyone regarding this matter. Well, guess what? Titan Environmental is now threatening to sue me for $1500 because they never received payment for the asbestos inspection they did in 2013. I told them I already settled that in court with Drain Rite Plumbing. They told me that they had nothing to do with Drain Rite and the only name on the paperwork was the homeowner – me, and that my court papers did not mention Titan Environmental, so now I either have to pay them or go back to small claims court. Beware of this fraudulent, company, Drain Rite, they are master manipulators and con artists. .

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