Dream Classics, Inc.

Dream Classics, Inc.

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Published: 28 January 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

I bought a 1968 Mercury Monterey from Robert Foster for $19,000. He told me car worked perfect and that if I wanted to negotiate, he would not sell car. He claimed God changed his life around and how he found all this success after finding God. I felt like he was a nice man so I trusted him and bought the car. Soon I found out that the car had MAJOR problems that would cost around $6,000 to fix. I thought after paying $19,000, I would be able to drive from florida to california and back but found out that I couldn’t even drive it to the store. Motor mount was broke and engine almost jumped out of the car, engine smokes very bad and will most likely need a lot of seals and rings changed. Brakes needed totally rdeone. New distributor and Ignition box was put in to run better but didn’t fix problem. New carburetor was put on and car still was stalling out. Found a wire in harness that was arching and had to replace that. Now I’ve learned that a cylinder is bad so I will be ripping engine apart to fix it. So much work and money needs to be put into car before I can even enjoy it but Robert made it seem like it was in perfect condition. I only make $30,000 a year so I saved a long time for this car and I took a big loss in purchasing it. Car was worth maybe $13,000. Robert Foster lied about condition of car and drastically over charged for it. I’m very uspet and disappointed.

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