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Published: 13 February 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

I signed up with their trial subscription in October. It stated that it was going to be $39/mo after the trail. I paid for October. In November I was charged for $156. I told visa I did not recognize this charge. So they refunded me, but then in December they reverted the charge. So then I called Visa, Visa said they sent them a letter saying that the terms were that after October it would go to a weekly $39, so $156/mo. At that point they told me I need to call Dreamstime. But, I never got an email nor physical mail of the change of plans or what was intailed other than when I signed up it saying that it would be a reoccuring $39/mo. There was no notice in my account or on their website, nothing, absolutely nothing. So I call them to ask them about this, they said, well you called your credit card instead of calling us so now we can’t do anything. And I told them, but you didn’t say you were going to charge me more than $39/mo, I thought someone hijacked my account or something. And then I said, but even on your website there’s nothing that indicated the weekly charge. They responded that since of December (the month after they charged me $156) they no longer charge that, they just charge a flat rate of $39/mo. And just flat out, wouldn’t budge on anything. They won’t meet me half way and just charge me the $39/mo for november, just that I’m out of $156 and I didn’t even use their services in November. Be careful of this company. They say one thing, change the prices drastically without notice and then expect the customer to just pay. Learn from my mistake and use another service.

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