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Published: 06 February 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

I placed an order for 6 bottles of alcohol on December 17th to arrive in time for the new year. I entered a free gift code which I found online and entered it. The code was accepted by the website and it processed the free gift with my order. The website states that orders ship within 4 business days. I called the customer service number they have listed and was told that customer service couldn’t look up my order information because they don’t have access to that information. The agent said that all she could do was take down my information, forward it to management and have them call me or email back within 24 hours. I never got a call back and I got an email stating that due to the holiday rush they were behind and that they apologize for the inconvenience but they were focused on shipping christmas orders placed on or before 12/15/14 because they had to honor their free shipping and delivery guaruntee for the holidays. I was told that since I placed my order on the 12/17 it was a low priority and that they would ship it only after they have taken care of their holiday orders. I paid 22 dollars for my shipping on a 200 dollar order and I was basically told that my order wasn’t as important as the holiday orders that had free shipping and that my order would ship out that following Friday. Friday came and went and still no shipment confirmation. I called again and left my information again and no one called me so I sent customer service another email stating that they had said my order would ship the following week and I asked them to provide me with my order status. Even though the website states that your inquries will be answered next business day or within 24 hours it was until 7 days later that I get a response from customer service apologizing and stating that my items are out of stock and they will ship when they arrive but they didn’t bother to provide me with an estimated time frame. 3 weeks pass and finally on January 8th my order shipped. When the order arrived the recipient called me to say that a bottle was missing and there was no free gift. When we removed the packing slip from the packaging the slip had the missing bottle circled in pen with the words “pending” written in hand. The packing slip disregarded the free gift all together even though I have my order confirmation in print which clearly states that they owed me a free gift. There was no indication of when the remaining bottle would ship so I decided to wait a little. Today is 2/6/15 exactly a month later when the order was recieved. I have yet to recieve a shipping confirmation or any indication of when my remaining bottle will ship or even if they are aware that they owe me a bottle other than thepacking slip indication. I never got a call back when I called to complain that the bottle was missing along with the free gift and the agent who took my information down refused to give me any identifying information other than his first name which was Mike. I have recorded the conversations that I have had with the customer service agents who took my information who suposedly passed it to management. Mike and Kelly were the only indivivduals who gave me their names and refused to give me last names or any other identifying piece of information that could help me identify them if ever I would need to. Kelly was incredibly rude and kept speaking over me when it was clear that I was frustrated and she didn’t feel like dealing with my frustration. She shouted over my voice that she had other calls to take and that if I didn’t give her my information so she could pass it along that she would hang up on me. I got angry and started yelling in frustration, “You are a customer service agent and it is your job to listen to my frustration”, that is when I asked her name gave her my information and she very rudely hung up without offering me an apology for the horrendous experience this website had put me through to date. When I called again and spoke to Mike because I didn’t trust Kelly would relay my messgae; I informed him that I was recording the conversation and he admitted that the only way to get in contact with the agents who actually had informatrion regarding my order was to leave a message with customer service because there was no way to speak with them directly and if they didn’t respond to my inquiry or emails that there was nothing else that he or any other customer service agent could do for me other than continue to pass along my information to management for a call back. Does this seem like a scam to anyone else? I paid for my order through PayPal so I am contacting my attorney and handing him my recordings and all of the information I have gotten to date from this website. I am also contacting paypal so that they can start an investigation and refund me the money this website owes me for the bottle they didn’t send and they can shove their free gift where the sun doesn’t shine. Do not order from DrinkUpNy.com because even though they claim to have a customer service number; their agents have no information regarding your order and they only serve as the middle person to the people who do have information regarding your order. .

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